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Back when I was cool.. I mean I still am but,
First Eyeem Photo
If you treat your parents like crap and one day they don't even feel like want to keep their promise. Suck it the fuck up, be a man about it. Don't act like a retard, screaming and throwing stuff.
Well, it's gonna be a long speech. Hm, first I'm honored to be able to spend time with all of you guys from 2009 to 2011 (around there). Like honestly, I admit it our communication is shitty now, due to our individual businesses at this point and my asshole personality sometimes. But man, I remember for almost every day we would have time to do stupid crap together, crap that people thought was ridiculous but we called em fun. I think the first time we met none of us really liked each other, but at the end of the day we're fuckin best friends forever. I don't know if we can still call 'us' best friends now, we have our own path now. The path that we have dreamed for a while, we have our own lane. And trust me, I won't bother you on your journey on chasing your dream. But man, to be your best friend for couple years was really an honored. It's even better than getting a Grammys. Thank you for being such a supportive buddies, and I won't even forget a single memories we had. Spitting our gums to people downstairs at the mall, play ps3 at the mall everyday, make fun of people, band rehearsal for no reason. Geez, why am I crying... Good luck with everything you try to achieve. @evangunardi @claytondave @josephustheo @keithedward @vaniacristinee @jojokresna @nnikiko @kenikoooo @queenariyani
I told her I'm not Korean, well do I even look like one? Hell nah.. But this was my face as she walked away.
Dayuummm it's Friday already. Oh, so the other day a girl came to me and as she gets closer she started speaking Korean to me. I'm like da fuq just happened?
She's ma girl, tchu know it.. No need to explain.
If I don't like to wear it, I ain't have a time to hang it back.. Nuff said
Fiuhhhhhhh.. Temptation.
Woke up, about to dress up.. I forgot (again) today is late start. So about to go back to sleep now, Girls... Feel free to join, help yourself.
I'm awake.
I'm not cute, I'm manly as hell.
Don't get this a lot in Peoria.. So why not?
Running for a president in Chavez's class. Turn down for what...
Let's see if my hack work. This stupid fake temporary tattoo should last for at least a month.
Thursday already.
WCW Katy Perry. Hottest. Coldest. Illest.
I am an asshole that dress like an Englishman.
Should I or should I not?
WCW not too big not too small. It's a perfect handful *coughs
He used to be good looking :(
School in 2 x 30 minutes.
Ootd motherfuther.
Let that be my last attempt. I'm done.
Then I woke up, and she is now gone. Damn you dream.
Adyn Vscocam VSCO one of the best jogger and zip tee ever made.
Here for you brokenhearted people, I present you a picture of a bridge.
The path to heaven, sike.. It's a path to get your hand frozen.
This line separates our hearts from loving each other. That's cheesy..
The rebel one.
Bremotion. No puns intended. Vscocam VSCO
Happy Sunday from my feet Ootd VSCO Vscocam
Every step you take does count.
We fall we grow. And after all this heart will glow.
I look at my feet a lot.
The older and younger brother.
Fought a bear this morning.
The best view of my room.