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Back Home! Lifeinshots Genova Genovatales Piazzadiferrari Piazzadiferrarigenova NewPhone Motog3 Likeforlike Like4like Follow Followme Followforfollow Followback
Back Home! Lifeinshots Genova Genovatales Chiesa Cathedral Sanlorenzo NewPhone Motog3 Likeforlike Like4like Follow Followme Followforfollow Followback
In the winter! Lifeinshots Como Comotales Brunate Chiesa Mountains Decembertales Wintertales Vacation 2015  2016 Like4like Likeforlike Follow Followme Followback Followforfollow
Showcase: January
It's Cold Outside
Nothing like a chilled out sunday !!! Sundaychillouts
En route ----Paris baby!!! Paris French Longride Vacations
The music is in the air always!!! Music Streetmusic Paris Artists Lifeinparis
Vintage walk ! Lifeinshots Liguria Saturdaywalks Genovatales Streettales
Happiness is south Indian full meals in Paris Saravana Bhavan!!!! Food Indianfood Nostalgia Rebirth Paris Paradise
Inside Napoleon chambers!!! Paris Louvremusee Rich Light Classics
On a sunny day of a cold winter Sunnywinters Lifeinshots Sunny Wintertales Coldwinters Nature Love
A little Angel!!!
That is one of the best!!! Lovestarbucks Parisstarbucks Leisure Bliss
Evening stroll!!! Evening Nature Nantes
Weekend at the University ! Lifeinshots Genovatales Weekends University
Love the metro rides! God knows how old these crazy lines are!!! Paris Crazylines ParisMetro Surprise
It is places like this that makes PARIS!!! Paris Vacations Nature Bliss
Winter sunsets ! Lifeinshots Decembertales Wintertales Genovatales Nature Beautifuldestinations
Waiting! Wintertales Lifeinshots Christmas Colors
Lifeinshots Vacations Romatales Decembertales Evenings Ngma
Lifeinshots Genovatales Peace
Love the Parisian Bristos!!! Bristo Beautifuldestinations Paris Vacations
The grand canvas ! Lifeinshots Genovatales Sunny Sunnywinters Liguria Streettales Ngma
Candy Land!!! BONBON!!! Candy Bonbon Paris Leisure
On a beautiful morning!
Modern History Lifeinshots Modernhistory History Cathedral
Classic from 1945!!!! Classics WWII Victory WinstonChurchil
It's not Miami ,its Genova! Lifeinshots Decembertales Genovatales Ngma
Amazing gelato!!! Amorino!!!! Lovegelato Italy Paris Love
On the way for Pizza !!! Lifeinshots Naplesride Vacations Decembertales Pizza Napoli Beautifuldestinations Sunny Southitaly Food
Life in italy!!
The relaxing ride! Bikes Nantes Lavieenfrance
Romance of the light Love Romance Nature Life Happiness Evening Light
Sunny winter days ! Wintertales Lifeinshots Nature Sunny Ngma
Love the evening walks!! Eveningwalks Sun Nature Nantes
That's just 500 meters walk but took like 40mins !!! Natale di Napoli !!! Lifeinshots Napoli Vacations Christmas Decembertales
Rest in peace ! Lifeinshots Nature Cemeterytales Ngma ISeeYouSeeMe
Oh dear, the long halls of Louvre are sure LONG!!! But totally worth it!!! Paris Louvremusee Monalisa Beautifuldestinations AmazingStuff Vacations
Flowers :p Nature FrEaKs Tete Julesvernemusee
Stairway to heaven!!! Lovethedrama Fairytalefantasy Paris
Probably the world's first pizzeria !!! Lifeinshots Vacations Decembertales Pizza Food
Wassup ! Lifeinshots Tuscanytales Pisa Vacations Ngma
Happy Easter!!! Easter Love Joy Happiness
Bright faith under dark clouds Lifeinshots Genovatales Decembertales Ngma
Standing there alone ! Lifeinshots Alone Sunsets Genova
Spices of life!!!!! Life Spices Mirchi
Another thing off the bucket list , Snowy winter days!!! Lifeinshots Decembertales Vacations Wintertales Snowywinters
Perfect backdrop for the work place ! Lifeinshots Genovatales Liguria Workisfun Beautifuldestinations Nature Sunsets Evenings
Love, Angelato!!! Parisfun Gelato Amorina
Stories on the street Nantes Lovethedrama Music
Chocolat chaud at Montmatre , thats a great vacation!!! Paris Chocolatchaud Vacations Beautifuldestinations WALKINMONTMATRE Classicaltimes Artists
Bring back our girls ! Lifeinshots Schooltales Bringbackourgirls Ngma
Classic rides Lifeinshots Ngma Tuscanytales Pisa
The priceless romance of the eyes Lifeinshots Genovatales Palazzaducale Italy Beauty Romance
Rain and an amazing walk in the Montmartre, discovering all the artistic stuff present at every corner!!! Beautifuldestinations WALKINMONTMATRE Artists Paris Lovearts Artisan
Classic Jazz!!! ParisMetro Paris Artists Jazz Musicinthemetro Vacations
Snowy night in Venice Lifeinshots Decembertales Wintertales Vacations Venice Ngma
Bliss!! Nature
Crepe time!!! Paris French Frenchfood Vacations Food Rainyevenings
Need no more reasons to be in Italy !!! Lifeinshots Pizza Venice Beautifuldestinations Food
Autostrada ! Lifeinshots Ride Tuscanyride Journeys Vacations Holidays
On a lovely winter evening Lifeinshots Ngma Pisa Tuscanytales
The ultimate entertainment ever!!! Moulinrouge Frenchcancan Trueartists Artists Paris
That kickass dream ride!!! Lovethedrama Dreamride Summerrides Summerhot
Nothing warm like home ! Lifeinshots Genova Home Wintertales
Sunday rides Lifeinshots Liguria Ngma Sunny Nature Beautifuldestinations Sunnywinters
Nothing feels better than the road to home, Miss you beautiful!!! Lovenantes Nantes Home Nostalgia Lovetheride Beautifuldestinations
December lights ! Lifeinshots Tuscanytales Decembertales Christmas Lights Ngma
The grand meal!!! Sambar vada,chicken tandoori, parota, butter chicken Marsala, and my favorite Rose Milk!!!! India Indianfood Indiapictures Rebirth Bliss Thegrandmeal Paris Themadrascafeparis
PARISIAN!!! Lavieenparis Paris Leisure Pleasure Fashion
And that's how a beautiful day ends! Nature Romance Evening Beach
Lifeinshots Italy Rome Beauty
Love, Florence Lifeinshots Tuscanytales Vacations
Venezia Lifeinshots Decembertales Vacations Wintertales Venice
Palazza vecchio Lifeinshots Lights Tuscanytales Palazza Nightstrolls Vacations Beautifuldestinations
Geeks have different definitions ! :p Lifeinshots Geeks Nerds Italy
Cobblestone alleyways!!! Lavieenparis Paris Cobblestone Parisianalleyways Nature
Love on top of the Eiffel tower!!! Absolutely stunning view of the coolest city EiffleTower Paris Loveontopofeiffletower Lovethedrama Vacations
Out there alone , I find myself Lifeinshots Liguria Sunnywinters Sunny Seaside Nervi  Ngma Beautifuldestinations Nature Peace
Kamasutra bites ! Lifeinshots Vacations Venice Decembertales Wintertales
In love! Love Food Ciao
Nuova 500, The all new fiat 500 . One of the most famous professors ride since ages !!! Lifeinshots Genova Italy Geeks Nerds Ride Goodolddays Goldenstuff Technology Ngma
What??? Lifeinshots Venice
The French way of parking a bike!!! Bike French
Summer in italy Italy Summertales Ngma
On a beautiful evening, you go camping !!! Ngma Lifeinshots
Chocolate chaud, chilled out weather and near one of the world wonders. That's a perfect vacation!!!! Lovevacances Paris EiffleTower Bliss Chocolatchaud
To Gustave Eiffel, Thanks for the cool stuff bro!!! Paris Beautifuldestinations Latoureiffle EiffleTower Amazingplaces AmazingStuff Artists French Engineeringwonder WorldWonders Classics Vacations
Empty Streets!!! Emptiness Streets Solitude Love Rails Endless
Sale!!! Bike Sale French
Love on the streerts!
Change for peace!!! Lovethedrama Paris Streets Funstuff
Piazza di San Marco Lifeinshots Vacations Wintertales Decembertales Venice Beautifuldestinations
Lurking in the dark!!! AngelsandDemons Notredame Eagleeye Atop Paris