Ya Toto


Where is my shadow ?
Blue Saturday
Always smile
So I
Kiêu hãnh trong nỗi cô đơn của chính mình !
Copy until copy yourself
Keep on
From very start
Happy Lunar New Year
Very you + very me = very 私達
Really in love with this look
Don't ever forget to be awesome everyday
Boy needs his shoes ;)
Đêm giáng sinh ngồi trên Napoly nghe những bản nhạc còn sót lại của Ý ... Những tin nhắn từ Aussie vẫn liên tiếp đến, dù chưa một lần được phản hồi.Quả thật không được về Hà Nội, đồng nghĩa với việc phải bỏ lỡ bao nhiêu là thứ!! 昨夜ナポリで知り合いと飲みに行ってた。久しぶりイタリアミュージック・あぁ懐かしい〜6年ぶりだったなぁ また出会えば、また一緒に手を繋ぎマイリトルハノイにおける太陽が出てくるまで歩こうね^.*
Another lesson for succeeding in life
My mama always tells me how miracles happen everyday . Some people don't think but they do ;">
Suddenly you made my day ;")
Take me somewhere nice
People's lonely because they build a wall instead of a bridge !
From Aussie with love ^.*
Get a line
Shopaholic ;))
Were you disappointed once you got to know me ?!
Think happy - Be happy --> Good things are going to happen ^.*
Miss you crazy my beloved sister :"<
When you smile everybody smile but when you cry nobody's there ! So laugh out loud
Lonely but Happy - That's super Me hihi
All the best for you guys
So I chose Freedom
Love you like my way
Vinh quang thuộc về những người đàn ông biết nấu ăn Yeahhh
Universal Japan now*\(^o^)/*
- Make a wish [You]
My favorite accessories <3
Just when I see in the mirror and miss your arms how they wrapped around my waist
If I'm living in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me
Love me , don't you ?
Just can't get enough
Enjoying Life
Hello World
Boy in love is like Rose in the morning
On The Road