all photos are shot with Smartphone. A picture says more than 1000 words!
Beach Sand Sea Cloud - Sky Sky Outdoors Horizon Over Water Travel Destinations No People Travel Vacations Vscocam VSCO HuaweiP9 EyeEm Diversity Still Life Mobilephotography Eye4photography  Taking Photos Water Clouds And Sky TCPM
Flower Plant Close-up Outdoors Fragility Flower Head Beauty In Nature Nature VSCO Taking Photos Still Life Vscocam EyeEm Diversity Spring Flowers Spring Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Spring Time IPhoneography
Sea Lighthouse Horizon Over Water Water Cloud - Sky Outdoors Sky Nature Rock Stone Vscocam VSCO EyeEm Diversity Taking Photos Long Goodbye HuaweiP9 Landscape Beauty In Nature Low Tide People Watching Mobilephotography Eye4photography  Still Life Travel
Cloud - Sky Nature No People Landscape Sky Outdoors Black & White Blacknwhite Blackandwhite Black&white Plant VSCO Black And White Beauty In Nature Still Life Mobilephotography Eye4photography  The Secret Spaces Long Goodbye Vscocam EyeEm Diversity Taking Photos HuaweiP9
Flower Blossom Springtime Nature Close-up Freshness Outdoors Flower Head Beauty In Nature The Secret Spaces Spring Taking Photos EyeEm Diversity Plant Long Goodbye HuaweiP9 Still Life VSCO Vscocam Spring Flowers Flowers Mobilephotography Eye4photography
Flower Nature Flower Head Freshness Close-up Beauty In Nature Vscocam VSCO Mobilephotography Flowers Eye4photography  Long Goodbye Orchid Taking Photos HuaweiP9 EyeEm Diversity Still Life Indoors
Lighthouse Outdoors Cloud - Sky Sky Sea Travel Destinations Taking Photos Still Life Eye4photography  Mobilephotography EyeEm Diversity HuaweiP9 Vscocam VSCO Stone Rock Water Rock - Object Horizon Over Water Travel
Sea Beach Water Nature Cloud - Sky Sky Beauty In Nature Horizon Over Water Wave Travel Destinations Outdoors Still Life VSCO Rock Taking Photos HuaweiP9 Stone Vscocam EyeEm Diversity Travel Waves Low Tide Mobilephotography Eye4photography
Sea Water Beach Nature Cloud - Sky Sand Horizon Over Water Sky Beauty In Nature Outdoors Low Tide Landscape No People Long Goodbye HuaweiP9 Taking Photos EyeEm Diversity Vscocam VSCO Waves Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Warnemünde
Textured  Close-up Abstract Pattern VSCO Eye4photography  Mobilephotography EyeEm Diversity Long Goodbye Still Life The Secret Spaces Beauty In Nature Vscocam Taking Photos HuaweiP9 Blackandwhite Blacknwhite Black&white Black And White Black & White Plant Outdoors Nature
Sky Nature Outdoors Grass Cloud - Sky Long Goodbye Still Life HuaweiP9 VSCO Beauty In Nature EyeEm Diversity Plant Close-up Taking Photos Landscape The Secret Spaces Vscocam No People Lighthouse Eye4photography  Mobilephotography
Sand Beach Nature FootPrint Outdoors Sky No People EyeEm Diversity HuaweiP9 Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Still Life Taking Photos Vscocam VSCO Beauty In Nature Plant Travel Destinations
Art And Craft Art Is Everywhere Grafitti City Street Art Art Street Photography The Secret Spaces EyeEm Diversity Still Life HuaweiP9 Taking Photos Outdoors Collage Eye4photography  Mobilephotography
Outdoors Art Is Everywhere Still Life City Mobilephotography Eye4photography  EyeEm Diversity Taking Photos HuaweiP9 Long Goodbye Grafitti Art Street Art Fish Street Street Photography Purple
Sea Outdoors Water Horizon Over Water Mobilephotography Eye4photography  Beauty In Nature Taking Photos Still Life EyeEm Diversity Long Goodbye Vscocam The Secret Spaces VSCO HuaweiP9 Black And White Blacknwhite Black&white Blackandwhite Black & White Rainy Day
Outdoors Nature Beauty In Nature VSCO Vscocam Close-up EyeEm Diversity Taking Photos HuaweiP9 Still Life Mobilephotography Eye4photography  Rock Stone Long Goodbye
Beach Nature Sea Rock - Object Outdoors Beauty In Nature Close-up Water Still Life EyeEm Diversity Vscocam Taking Photos Mobilephotography Eye4photography  VSCO Stone Rock HuaweiP9 Blacknwhite Blackandwhite Black & White Black&white Black And White
Sea Outdoors Landscape Nature Water Travel Destinations Horizon Over Water Sky Travel Still Life HuaweiP9 Taking Photos Long Goodbye EyeEm Diversity Rock VSCO Stone Cloud - Sky Lighthouse Vscocam Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Warnemünde
HuaweiP9 Taking Photos EyeEm Diversity Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Vscocam Still Life Long Goodbye VSCO Art Is Everywhere Indoors  Pattern Light And Shadow Reflection
Beach Sand Sea Sky Cloud - Sky Outdoors Horizon Over Water People Vscocam VSCO Still Life HuaweiP9 Long Goodbye EyeEm Diversity The Secret Spaces Plant Taking Photos Beauty In Nature Real People People Watching Love Eye4photography  Mobilephotography
Flower Beauty In Nature Close-up Nature Outdoors Plant Flower Head Freshness Flowers Still Life Taking Photos HuaweiP9 EyeEm Diversity Long Goodbye VSCO Eye4photography  Mobilephotography Vscocam The Secret Spaces Springtime Spring Flowers Spring