A girl from Nanjing China. I 'm good at Chinese,English and a little French
In fact I don't know why,I just want to show my legs.😏 That's Me
This Is Me
I need to loss the weight 😱leg is too fat!
Very beautiful book with much philosophy in it.(need translate?)
Girls in my school are all pretty than me 😂I don't want to go to school anymore 😱
I'm studying in my school,so boring so tired.and my school not allowed us bring our mobile phone in the school .I took my phone in a sneaky way 😝
Though this App,I found lots of friends around the world, and I hope more friends can pay close attention to me.Merci 😀
Although today is Sunday,I am a resident I have to go to school this afternoon 😫
第一次在EyeEm上发照片,这是我 First Eyeem Photo