Shawty Walk Like She Talk Like She Know That She The Ish (; ^_^ ♥♡ Twitter :_NuttySplash
I'm out here on South KingsHighWay selling customized high waisted shorts ext. check me out (:
eh whatever )':
✔♕♡hating don't effect my hustle ^_^
* one of my favorite pictures ^_^
Track Practice Yesterday
* Started From The Bottom Now I'm Heaaaa lmao follow me on twitter @_NuttySplash ♡♡♡ ^_^
* somebody should ask for them 7 thangs that makes my phone rang lbs frrl though ♥
* people will continue to talk and I'll continue to not give a fuck ^_^
ت♥♡yesterday after practice ت♥♡
* #TBT was being goofy or whtever ♥♡$$$♥♡
earlier when I was waiting for my moms
* keep scrolling like ya girl don't exist, nigga! I know you like this pic ctfu ^_^
lmao the sun make it look like I have one eyebrow, but I MISS MY FINUCKING CURLS -___-
^__^ ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥Turn Down????!!? For Whaaa?????!!?
today ^_^
* at my mom's shop watching these Thurber they hair done lhh
♡♥ love her cute wild ass ♥♡
* #WristGameProper (;
awwn Rell drew me schwagg schwagg lol ^__^ <3 (:
Homecoming ^__^
You Were Born An Original Dont Die A Copy
HE My Valentine So Fuck The Rest Of Y'all Niggas ♥♡♥♡(*^﹏^*)♡♥♡♥(temporarily)
* Sad Cause Its Almost Valentines Day And I Have NO Damn Body -_-
Gooooodnight Babes (:
I Get Weirder And Weirder Each Day
True To My Blessings
Mouhammad My Laa Prince ♥♥♥
Bitches Get They Hair Done And Don't Know How To Act ♥ ♥
Bad Ass But I Love Him ♥
Old Or Whteva ツ
I Look Tall Lbs ^_^ 5'1
The Other Day
Posing For Yo Daddy