Sam. ♡


I'm just a twenty three year old girl, trying to find beauty in the world.
Imperfections are my favorite thing, especially my own. I don't need something to be perfect to be happy. Selfportrait Selfie Myself Me Imperfection Blackandwhite Quoteoftheday Confidence  Happy
I really need her to make it through surgery. I know noke of you know me personally, but if you could pray for her.. I'd be forever grateful. Animals Puppy Pray For Her
I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later. Mustachemonday I Mustache You A Question. Selfportrait Selfie Myself Me Being Goofy POV Random
This man is one of the strongest human beings I have ever had the privilege of having in my life. For twenty three years, he made sure I was taken care of, even when he barely had any strength left to take care of himself. Although he is no longer with me, I know that he will still be helping me shape my future. Unlikely Heroes Grandfather Family Veteran
Such a sassy newfie. Newfoundland Newfie Puppy Animals Farm Life Dog Wisconsin Animal Photography Point Of View POV
There's beauty everywhere. Outdoors Landscape Landscape_photography Lakehouse Coon Lake Photography Fourthofjuly Fourth Of July Feeling At Home