Martin Wirz

Martin Wirz
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Bare tree by lake against clear sky
Low section of woman with tattoo on hand
Low angle view of historical building
Close-up of insect
Low angle view of apple blossoms in spring
Low angle view of curtain
View of built structure against sky
Close-up of electric lamp on table
Trees against cloudy sky
Full frame shot of textured surface
Close-up of yellow flowers in field
Full frame shot of green leaves
Close-up of objects
Close-up of served food
Close-up of pattern on wall
Close-up of carving on wall
Full frame shot of wall
Interior of tunnel
Low angle view of historic building
Close-up of plant
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Full frame shot of wall
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
Low angle view of ceiling
Scenic view of landscape
Low angle view of built structure against blue sky
Close-up of tree against blue sky
Low angle view of building against blue sky
Directly above shot of tiled floor
Corridor of building
Full frame shot of shop for sale
Close-up of plant
Close-up of fish
Close-up of wine glass
Low angle view of clock
Full frame shot of objects
View of trees against sky
Full frame shot of white background
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
View of trees in field
Close-up of text on wall
Rear view of man sitting in train
View of rural landscape