Erwin Widmer


I like to travel and taking pictures.
The Mont-Blanc
The image shows
Every year
Women Beach
The «Hohe
The spires of
The cathedral
Blues und
The main street
Ein Akrobat
The grain
Even horses
Bird in the
View from
The town of St.
The wold famous
Three Country
A ferry for
Art Museum Art
Furna is the
Partun Lake
The deep cut in
The view from
View into the
The Gallus
A street in the
The county of
The illuminated
Hongkong by
Knight games at
Old buildings
The Limmat
The Brandenburg
A street scene
The London
View from Point
Palm trees at
Another sunset
Sunset at the
A gate tower
At the beach in
In the old town
At the beach of
The monastery
The desert
The cathedral
In a golf
On the Mr.
The famous
The sail ship
The Hotel del
On the highway
Landscape in
Cacti and
In the Organ
Are knight
At the Rose
The landscape
The Salt River
Hiking in a
The church in
In summer even
A lot of
The Cadillac
A gas station
The Oklahoma
The Keeper of
Das Joslyn
The waterfall
The visitor
The amusement
The drawbridge
The Mississippi
New Glarus was
The Cloud Gate
Hitsville USA
A sandy beach
Traffic Summer
Grave and
A family of
The American
Trees in bloom
A bayou in the
The Flight 93
The Reichstag
The downtown of
Der Flyer III
The Soldiers
The Brandenburg
The Indiana
The old Capitol
The moon over
A restaurant at
The Gateway
An old Movie
At the Broadway

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