Mavourneen Strozewski


Pika from 10/4/14 as the sun was going down... Utah Pika Silverlake Cute Mountains
Motion blur on the trees Blur Utah Aspen Mountains
Vscocam LittleCottonWood Sunset Utah
Twin Lakes trailhead
Pika calling to it's mates
A female Mountain Bluebird perched on a Sun parched weed.. Utah Birding Bird Mountains Utahgram
Autumn leaves turned into a painting
Motion blur Aspens Utahgram Utah Mountains LittleCottonWood
Juvenile coyote thinks it can't be seen
A young Pika using a rock to examine it's surroundings
Coyote in sunset light Utah Coyote Antelopeisland
Rain drop covered Autumn leaf Utah Autumn Rain
Hiked up to Twin Lakes Reservoir. Low clouds and a sprinkling of light snow. Cell phone image...
Juvenile Wilson's Phalarope hiding in the pond grass Birding Utah Shorebird
Wood Duck in the pond Utahgram Utah Duck
Barn Swallow flapping its wings while landing on marsh grass - Spring 2014 Utah Brbr Bearriverbirdrefuge
A winter weasel from december 2012. One of my absolute favorites. The first and only chance of photographing one in my entire life, so far.... When I first stumbled upon this, it had ran across the dirt road, then jumped about the grass. As I got closer to take a better look, it also decided for a better look. I have several other pictures of it, but this one gets me every time. It had picked up the dead vole, examined me for a minute, then ran back to its hole in the dirt... If you'd like to see more then visit my website: Utah Weasel
One of my favorite shots of a Burrowing Owl at sunset Sunset Owl Utah
Male Ring Necked Pheasant making a break for it. Winter 2013 Utah Birding
Eagle coming in for a landing Utah Eagle Birding winter 2013
Sunset at Great Salt Lake, looking to Antelope Island Utah Sunset
Barn Swallow perched on marsh reed. Utah Bearriverbirdrefuge Bird
Dark Eyed Junco Birding in Utah
Great Horned Owlette observing curiously from the tree Utah Utahgram Owl Greathornedowl Owlette
Donut Falls - summer 2013 Utah Wasatchmountains Waterfall Donut Falls
I saw this little fella at a waterfowl management was quite a chilly morning and it had been scrounging around in the pond for food. It approached and stood behind the grass watching me for a bit before going back into the grass. Raccoon Utah Wildlife
Seagulls fly over the Great Salt Lake in Utah during an incoming sandstorm seen in the distance. It was a pretty intense scene, as the wind howled and within minutes I was perked with sand. GreatSaltLake Sandstorm
Sunset at the Great Salt Lake Utah Sunset view original image here:
A male Redwinged Blackbird calling into the Sunset light in Utah
An Easter Sunday Sunset at the Great Salt Lake Utah view original image Photo:
While out this afternoon, i noticed a few small birds and quickly realized they were Black-Capped Chickadees. This one hangs upside down from a limb. Pecking into the seeds. This was the best shot I was able to get... Next time will hopefully get better images. Birding Chikadee Blackcappedchikadee Utah Nature Lovers Nature Igutah Utahbirding Experienceutah Birdwatching
Butterfly on a beautiful October afternoon Butterfly Utah
Lowroar Icelandic Band they were amazing!
The Fox and the fish. In 2013 I didn't a few days photographing a family of foxes. I have to say it was the most fun! These two had been playing with a dead fish till the little one was too tired and decided to be lazy. Utah Nature Wildlife
A pair of red fox kits taking a look at their surroundings. Redfox Foxkit Fox Wild Nature Utah Mirrorlakescenicbyway
Immature House Sparrow perched on grass Utah Birding Nature Bearriverbirdrefuge
Milky Way and stars over Lake Solitude, Utah Utahgram Solitude Lake Stars Milkyway
This is a recent image of a Greatblueheron relaxing in the water during the Goldenhour in Utah . I hadn't been shooting with the camera in a month prior to this image....I really needed that time with mother nature. 📷🐦 Natureaddict Nature Bird Birding Wildlife
A Greater Yellowleg and it's reflection Utah Bird Birding Greateryellowleg Autumn
My favorite photograph I've ever taken. An adorable Red Fox Kit. They are extremely curious and this one got closer than it should's one of those right moments combined with the right light. Utah Sunset Fox
American Bald Eagle perched in a tee during winter. Eagle Nature Utah Lingeringlightimages Winter
Lake Blanche October 2013. Lake Utah Blanche Fall Autumn Landscape View original here:
"Right before it happened" - Red Fox Kits playing Redfox Fox Foxkit Wild Animal Utah Igutah
A male Woodduck in yesterday's great light at the pond. Utah Experienceutah Igbirds Igutah Igducks Nature Lovers Instagrambirds Igbirders Nature Nature_shooters Wowutah Utahgram Utahbirders Nawild
Behindthescenes A Beltedkingfisher perched on a log! What a wonderful find today! I had seen it previously but could never get close enough to photograph it. Taken with the Canon 7D and Tamron 150-600MM lens Bird Birding Kingfisher Utahgram Utah Nature Wonderfullife
Burrowing Owl at sunset from Antelopeisland Burrowingowl Owl Igutah Igbirds Utah Utahgram Utbirders
Yes, it's a mouse... On a log. I photographed this critter because I've never photographed a mouse before. I've always seen them being eaten by birds of prey. And, sometimes, when you have time to kill or nothing else to photograph, you sit and watch mother nature at work, which can reveal some humorous events. Such as the mouse chasing a squirrel away repeatedly. Mouse Nature Utah Nofilter
Female American Kestrel stretching her leg while perched on a branch Utah Bird Birding Falcon Americankestrel
Two Foxes outside their den. I hope I get this experience again someday. Utah Fox Nature
Burrowing Owl perched on wooden post within grass and flowers at sunset Igbirds Bird Burrowingowl Owl Wild Nature Utah Antelopeisland Sunset