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Vincent Lee Owens - "I want to dedicate this to KK." KK is his grand baby who lives in DC with Tasha. Vincent is 60 years old which he proved by pulling out his ID and showing me. He was packing up his tent when we met him but he had time for some words
"Spirit" Prophet with Staff. He want to show people the "Signs of the Time" also the title of his art show which warns people about the second coming of Christ. #weareJuxt
Love: A Fundraiser Love is not singular except in syllable. ~Marvin Taylor We want to make the impossible a possible by raising funds for a dear friend and fellow creative who is battling cancer. As a community, we love Alessio @aleesio and his fami
@visualwhiplash_ will be exhibiting 62 works at Space Gallery in Pomona, Ca from Jan 26 - March 2nd. He will at the opening reception on Jan 26th from 600pm to 1000pm, and again on February 9th at 700, where he will be speaking about his work.
Cat | I felt like a dead man | Documenting Los Angeles | I ran into Cat again this morning. I have seen him around a few times since I first met and photographed him, but it was always as I was driving and during work hours without a chance to stop and talk. Today he was sitting on the sidewalk smoking. "I took a picture of you a while back at the taco truck on Whittier Boulevard. The one near Collage." "Oh, I like that place." As I wait for the for the picture to load, squatting next to him, he pays me a compliment' "That's a nice phone." "I look like my brother." Says Cat when the picture comes up. "I remember that night, I felt like a dead man" "I'm sorry to hear that." "No, it's a good thing, dead men don't have anything to worry about." Cat says with a smile. "Can I take your picture again? I ask "Sure", the peace sign comes out. I snap a few. "How about one of you smoking - for the kids?" "That's how I cure cancer." #wearegrryo #losangels #la #documentary #vsco #humanitarian #lovedbygod #godlovesme #whittier #socalmoments Streetphotography Wearegrryo
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. David Herbert Lawrence
A riot is the language of the unheard. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"And just drive," she said "Just drive," she said, "Just drive," she said. Stan Ridgeway
Thoughts are the rudder which steer our direction
I was honored to be interviewed by @ibarionex for the www.thecandidframe.com You can go and hear the conversation in the link in my profile. There is a lot of great material there I suggest you head over and give a listen or two
I'm excited to announce that there will be a @24HourProject : Exhibit / Workshop in Los Angeles. Please join us for the Exhibit and register for the Workshop at @24HourProject website. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The presenters are: @koci @benjaminheath @
The 24 Hour Project and it's participants were invited by the Tehran Film and Photo Festival to show case mobile photography in their upcoming exhibit. Ako Salemi and Shahram Sharif, who were both participants in the 24 Hour Project, were instrumental in
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Book Fundraiser: Love A fundraiser for an amazing photographer and friend fighting cancer Most of us are drawn to social networking sites because of the interaction they provide us, the interpersonal relations with friends near and far, the glimpses