"Oh, repairmen, you are so cool!""Yes, we think so, we are proud of our work, because of us, people will safe in the rainy day."“噢,检修师傅们,你们好酷!”“对的,我们也这样认为,我们以自己的工作为荣,因为有了我们,人们在下雨天才安全。” Humansofzjut
"Hey, boy, What are you looking at?""I am seeing my mother, she buys hamburger for me, I am very hungry, but she leaves me for a long time, I am unhappy."“嘿,孩子,你在看什么?”“我在看我的妈妈,我很饿,她去给我买汉堡包去,但她去了很久都没有回来,所以我生气了。” Humansofzjut
"Why your grandmother looks unhappy?"----"I deliberately hide when my grandmother is not notice me, she can't find me, so she is angry, but I think it's interesting,I am so happy!"“为什么你奶奶看起来不高兴啊?”----“我趁奶奶不注意躲起来了,她找不到我,所以生气了,但我觉得躲猫猫很有趣,所以我特别开心!” Humansofzjut
Which is your happiest thing in your life? "I have a son, he is five years old, because of work, I have no time to accompany him, so my happiest thing in my life is play with him." 你一生中最快乐的事是什么?“我有一个儿子,他已经5岁了,由于工作的原因,我没有时间陪他,所以我一生中最快乐的事就是陪他玩.” Humansofzjut
She is a shy girl, she is very cute. When another girl wanted to huge her, she refused, but when the girl left, she began to say "aunt, aunt". After saw this situation,I stood and laughed for a long time. 她是一个既害羞又可爱的小女孩。当另一个女孩想去抱她的时候被她拒绝了,但当女孩离开之后,她又一直在后面叫着“阿姨,阿姨”. 看到这场景后,我一直站着笑了很久. Humansofzjut
削菠萝是我的主要工作。尽管我每天都与不同的人打交道,但面对镜头时,我依然很害羞。我唯一想说的是:“我家的水果新鲜、便宜,欢迎大家来购买!” My main job is paring the pineapple. Even though I get along with different people everyday, I still feel shy in front of camera. I just want to say"welcome to my store to buy the fruit, my fruits are cheap and fresh." Humansofzjut
Becky 喜欢看“formula",她最喜欢的赛车手是Hamilton,她不会错过任何一次节目的直播,她认为赛车非常有趣。她说:“只要我有机会,我就会去现场观看。” 我不喜欢赛车,我觉得它很枯燥,所以我觉得Becky 是一个独特的女孩子!Becky, She likes watching "formula", her favorite racer was Hamilton, she did not miss any racing on live, she thought it was very interesting. She said:" if I have the opportunity, I will try my best to go to the competition by myself." I do not like the racing competition, I think it was very boring, so I think Becky is a special girl ! Humansofzjut
我是浙江工业大学的一名清洁工,我的主要工作是收集和清洗食堂的餐具,我和其他9个同事共同负责整个食堂的清洁工作,我们努力工作,但我们却不能得到和其他窗口员工同等的福利,我们只能获得工资,没有养老保险。I am a cleaner in ZJUT, my main job is collecting and cleaning the tableware of canteen. I and other nine colleagues take responsibility for cleaning the whole canteen, we are hard-working, but we can’t get the welfare the same as other window staffs, we can only earn the wage, We do not have endowment insurance. Humansofzjut First Eyeem Photo