Julia Soo


Here. I capture the soul. My soul.
I shall enjoy my time here with them just like how I enjoy my time with you.
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Reflection or not.
Belong Anywhere
See what I see through my lens =)
I see peace. What do you see?
When I look into his eyes, he looks back into mine.
Learn to live with the consequences
If only you could spot my naked soul
When life should be this easy~
As if we are at tomorrowland!
At 3am, we play games
The day when we are together Enjoying Life Beach Bali
I remember that day the plane cycled around in the sky, couldn't decide which airports to land due to the heavy fog covered the sky of Shanghai. Who could actually tell that there is gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Then, I realised things could be beautiful even though it appears its worst to us.
Snow Snowing
Ice and snow world @ Harbin China Snow
Sunset Peace And Quiet
Winter Iceskating Shanghai
A city like this deserve a tour like that~ Shanghai Enjoying Life
My temporary Homesweethome in China
Love this bold man! The first thing that I bought when I first arrived in china. Airport China Catching A Flight
We found each other then we fall in love
When we are together~ love in Paradise !
when i look like a ghost~
Gazing through my Window , I'm ready for a run. Jogging Running Windowshotwednesday
be a good gal on Friday night and a bitch on Saturday night.