warda roxx


With lil Qisya and Omey :)
Will surgical masks protect you from haze? Haze
No worries adik.....
Girls outing♡♥♡
in preparing Salehuddin 35th Birthday.
I still love you, although you love to trouble me~ sigh~
~The End~
Q&Q enjoying their friday nite with tutti's ice cream.... nyum nyum♡♥♡
Q&Q enjoying their friday nite ;p
Rocking partner now and then♡♥♡
Once upon a time back in punggol
my little qalif
No idea
We are super late...Vvrooommmmm :p
Get well soon, little Umar♡♥♡
5 mths old qisya
my 5 mths old Qalif
My beloved Qalif & Qisya
love my new jelly bunny shoe:p
Looking at them eating...... reminds me of my childhood life.
ordinary me
Looking at the girls picture, makes me smile :)