Vic Ratnieks


Living life by camping (and working) full-time around Australia - i: @livelifecamp f: livelifecamp
Just so serene
Oh oh, you
Mother and calf
I'm just as
Get out of my
Getting away
On the hunt for
I'm coming to
Don't shoot! I
Bronze coloured
Sunrise over
Timing was
Great way to
I'm outa here!
Lonely road in
The tranquility
Sunrise over a
Have you seen
Perfect landing
Grass burn off
Lost in the
The sun never
I've been
Stairway to
Be different
Up early one
I love the
Black Swan with
The weather is
This sunset was
Sand dune
Freight train
Bicycles on
Calm before the
Calm before the
Deep in the
Captured during
This was taken
Fallen gum tree
Gnarly gum
There's just
The remoteness
There's a
I just love the
Footprints on
Cockatoos over
Needs no
Catching dinner
These boots
I came across
Ok, we made it
Eye got you
Lunar Eclipse
Mega machinery
Freight train
Old jetty in
Houseboat on
Serenity on the
The Bunda
An awesome
Sugar ant in
Come any closer
If I sneak up
Serenity in the
A serene view

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