Viv LaVive

[filmmaker] + [visual artist] based in <|berlin|> instagram: vivien_891011
Viv LaVive
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Horse standing in a field
Close-up of dog on bench
Close-up of a dog in water
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Side view of woman with umbrella on road
Full length of man skateboarding on road
Close-up of hand holding illuminated lighting equipment
High angle view of butterfly on illuminated leaf
Empty walkway
Trees seen through window at home
Low angle view of basketball hoop against blue sky
Close-up portrait of cute dog
Low angle view of palm trees against blue sky
Close-up of dog relaxing on sand
Close-up of illuminated light bulb
Close-up of silhouette hand against sky
Close-up of drink in sea against sunset sky
Close-up of multi colored umbrella against blue sky
High angle view of breakfast on table
Close-up of plants growing on field against sky
Close-up of dog
Cityscape against sky
Portrait of cat sitting outdoors
Man in front of building
Low angle view of tower
Close-up of flowers against clear sky
Scenic view of sea against orange sky
Close-up of text on paper
Close-up of dog against sky
Close-up of rusty metallic structure
Low section of man standing on beach
Low section of man with woman
Low angle view of bird perching on street light
Close-up of woman sitting against wall
Low angle view of communications tower against sky
Scenic view of autumn trees by lake against sky
Low angle view of kite in sky