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Perth Swanriver Sunnyday Sunshine Park
Rottnest island! Kuokka~~ Perth Rottnestisland Kuokka Creature Lovely
Perth Kangaroos Nationalpark
Laugh, and world laughs with you! Laugh Smile Positivethinking Happylife Sweetlife LovingLife Alive  Lovetheworld
不要煩了。我相信上帝自有安排。把一切交託給神。 Dontworry Believeingod GodBlessMe Amen
我還在尋找內心被觸動的那一塊,真正被感動的愛情。 Couple Lovers MyGuy MyMan MyBoy MyBoyFriend Iloveyou
還有太多,時間帶不走的回憶和感受。我也不知道自己的心態了,那樣的喜悅和隱藏不了的笑容。 Graduation Taiwan
Fly! Queensgardens Perth Australia Winter Jump
Hey! Are you looking at me? LakeMonger Leederville Perth Australia Winter BlackSwan
Love your family. Because you can't predict what is going to happen in the next second. Cherish  Everymoment Withfamily Daddymommy IKEA Taiwan
能有現在的生活,我何等幸運!How lucky I am to have the life I am leading now! Luckygirl InTheWorld Taiwanese Taiwan Ilovemylife
Dinnier last night. Momfood Homemade Delicious Healthy Taiwanfood Taiwanesefood Yummy Dinnertime
Everyone has the right to choose what kind of life they want to lead. Choices Followmyheart SUPPORT Courage Nevergiveup
This is what I bought yesterday. Poems EmilyDICKINSON Poet Great American
My dinner tonight. Thanks mom! I love you! Taiwanfood Healthy Delicious Homemade Homecook Yummy Momfood Dinnertime
我們的駐足總是在回頭之際,可那時候已來不及了。Don't regret the chances you didn't take. Love NOthIng Family Anything Beingsingle
I made this for today's film! Actress Film School Life Taiwan
The snacks today! A sandwich, Dove chocolate, and Twix! Twix Dove Sandwich Convenience Store Taiwan Taiwanese Snacks
I went to IKEA last week and saw these!!! I want one but mommy said no. Cute Stuffed Girls Backtochildhood Sunshine Inmylife
I got myself a burger from Mos yesterday. Mosburger Japan Store Taiwan Burger RiceBurger Asianflavor
A gift for my sister. Gift Sister Ilovemysister Vegetable Important Too Mylife Marvel
至少妳把持住了,對於那顆不斷尋覓的心。有時候我只想放聲大哭,告訴世界我崩潰了,但是看看四周,才發現自己一個人坐在房間裡。沒有人會伸出援助的手,真的不要太天真。Be brave.
然後你會發現,其實從頭到尾都是一個人在自言自語。明明知道沒有人會關心,卻一再告訴他人你有多痛,傷有多深。Wake up! 世界是公平的,這只是循環中的報復。 Fair World Revenge Cycle
Every morning! Fruits Morning Before Breakfast
Lunch today! Cheap and healthy! 90 taiwan dollars~~~ Taiwanfood Lunch Delicious Cheap
Smile for yourself!! Studying Books Blackandwhite Sleepy
My lunch today. I love living in Taiwan! Delicious food everywhere! I remember those days I lived in Boston, where I could only eat fastfood. Food Chopsticks Asian  Lunch
Chinese time. 回來台灣,發現太多不一樣和已改變的事物,有時候很迷惘因為不知道如何起頭,謝謝身邊陪伴我的每個人,我很珍惜這段緣分。 Taiwanese Blackandwhite Sincerely  Speak
This time, I won't let you go. This time, I will hold you tight. Blackandwhite Taiwanese Determination Eternal
I love my balcony! Landscape Sunset Sun Romantic
Today you suddenly showed up and gave me lots of pictures we took together in Boston. But the truth is that we should let the past be the past. Betterlife Now Withoutyou
From the balcony Sunset Sky Sun Taiwan
My afternoon tea Waffles
What you think you become
You can run a day, or a day runs you :) First Eyeem Photo