john newell


Still one my favorite albums of all time Some time that trap music get played out , LaurynHill Classic
First Eyeem Photo
WCW ???? @luvah_luciano89
Lol , You know who you are ?
If yah high don't kick in I give u my last shot of Gin - Boosie Happy Birthday Brother @fuk_society
This girl rite Chere ???? WCW @blu1x
I be trippiin on Twitter ?
Bitch we on the rise like ah crescendo , ???
Dats my brova so respect it ?✔️
I'll take care of that lor nigga ???
Click Full ah Real Niggas . . .
When im bored on Twitter i do shit like this???
This for My nigga , My round , My Whoady , My killa , My Thug , My Nigga , My love , My cock it back ready to bust Boosie  Happy Birthday my nigga @lorseddie
S/o all the Bxtches wit kidz that have perfect attendance @ the club Priorities
Meh & the Broskii @too_much_kwan the ova day . . .
If she has 3 of these things yuh fvcking wit ah thot . . .
Who remember these niggas ? Childhood Sqaud
Still smiling irregardless the situation , No time 4 dah fuck shvt .
Lol dis is every nigga in baltimore . . .
TBT  Last Summer Fuckwinter
Yo , Mad as shit LoL . . .
Follow me on twitter , ill follow back & give yuh a S/o . . . .
Dam my manz just got singed smh , Rip Doe B
Shaggin wit dah broskii @Dougg Family1st
im up early in the morn Gm
This nigga Gucci Mane anit got no sence . FvckTheJudge
Im late but TBT  on @lorseddie MixTape cover . . .
The Realest Hotboys FreeBG Slim Baby LilWayne Turk Juvenile . . .
& my mova try say i cant cook Smashtime
,2Great minds Rip 2pac Bobmarley . . .
My A1 Day1 nigga @lorseddie
S/o my Broskii @so_boom_right
All these Bands in the streetz , & Yuh still wanna be ah Flute . . . Fmoig@Vivala_Gracci
S/0 the broskii @kingbdoggg
ThrowBack from last summer R.i.p 2 Rozay A.k.A Ricky tho . . .
Meh my niggaz like brovaz ..................
ThrowBack wid the broskii S/o @fuk_society
Black Hippies @ fmoig @vivala_gracci
Brova B4 ANYTHING ELSE @lorseddie
What i have been doing all this morniin Music Lean fmoig @ VivaLa_Gracci
My Niggas , My niggas My MuvaFvckiin Niggas . . .
Fmoig @ VivaLa_Gracci
Fmoig @VivaLa_Gracci ill follow back . . .
Fmoig @VivaLa_gracci