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Backstage | Singapore - performers check the sequence of events for tonight's performance.
Tokyo Nights
Friendship is Magic | The current iteration of My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic, was originally intended for little girls, but an odd and unexpected thing happened, it caught on with teen boys and young, adult males. They are called Bronies, and are
Red Shirt Protests | Bangkok May 2010
Trinkets | Las Vegas
New Love | Tokyo
Occupying Wall St.
If you've ever wandered around Hollywood Blvd, you might have asked yourself how is it that the brass stars along the Walk of Fame are so shiny. You'd think it was courtesy of the city of LA, but it is the unlikely elbow grease of an Angelino named John.
Working Girl - they come from all over the world, S. Asia, China, Russia, Japan. They dress pretty, fix stiff drinks on ice, sing songs with out of key business men, and pretend to be interested in what they say. They hand out business cards bearing fake
Postcards From The Salton Sea
As Heard on the Street | Beijing
Crime of Passion | One of the very first things John says is that assuming they're not crazy from alcohol or drugs is that you'll find that most people living on the street are pretty intelligent. John came to these streets by way of Dallas, coming to lan
Troy | Los Angeles
Talent Show | Beijing