Victor Roy


Tea stall.
Finally. Mac OSXYosemite Yosemite Macos
The sunset sky ?. Sunset Kolkata
Kolkata Kolkata
Love the way my home screen looks ??. Android
Amazing weather again. Amazing Weather Kolkata
The weather tho. Amazing Weather Kolkata
Well had this one left. Polarbear Singapore
Birthday gift :) Birthday Gift Note3 Galaxynote3
I want to go back to Singapore Singapore
last day inSingapore. Don't want to go. LastDay Singapore
Panoramic shots are so cool, instagram should allow them. Singapore
Garden by the bay. Singapore
Garden by the bay in Singapore. Singapore Gardenbythebay
Singapore. Singapore
Street food shops of Singapore. Singapore Food
Sentosa. Sentosa Singapore
Adventure cove, Sentosa. Adventurecove Singapore
The island of Sentosa. Sentosa Singapore
At vivo mart in Singapore. Singapore Vivomart
Chinatown, Singapore. Singapore Chinatown
He called me milo XD. Singapore
Singapore at night. Singapore
Universal studios Singapore. Universalstudios Singapore
Green tea KitKat. Kitkat Greentea
At the door Knock Knock
Breakfast at burger king Breakfast Burgerking
Singapore. Chinatown. Singapore C
Singapore. Chinatown. Singapore Chinatown
Singapore. Chinatown. Singapore Chinatown
Sit down read a book :P . Sit And Enjoy The silence
So much food!! Thefifthview Good Food
Sit down. Enjoy. Chilli Enjoy
Took the picture long time back. Thewayback
She wouldn't let go. Football Cute Kid
Friends. Friends
Socials with these guys lol. Socials
"Have you seen the size of that thing" Biggest Burger I Have seeninkolkata restaurant-thejoint
It's raining and I'm stuck in the car IT 'sRaining Stuck In car
If you have an iPhone get this case Get The Case For your4s
The view outside my church What A View Kolkata
A building being built right out side church. Outsite The Church
This is Kolkata Kolkata
Taxi. Taxi In Kolkata
Well I think it's pretty cool Book In Car
My dad"s birthday. Birthday Long Time Back
Blue. Blue
Keys. Keys
LEO AND BELLA. Leo Bella PetDog
Guess what this is. Guess What
Moon again. Moon
More pictures of the moon. SuperFullMoon
The moon. With Julia Roy @julia_run_away Moon
My camera gear for almost anything.Main camera canon70D secondary camera Galaxycamera lens Canon40mm Canon18 -135mm
New haircut lol. Haircut
Happy birthday papa. HappyBirthday
I new football shoes. Puma red and white arsenal edition. Puma Arsenal
Bella :)
Sam's 27th birthday. Happy birthday man, will miss you Dan and barny .
Leo. and sunshine?
This crow was just sitting there for 30 mintues
Kausar. Hahahaa
Zach and Pluem. Bye bye
The airport on Kolkata
Sartha dey
Say hello to neo
Go out side
That rollercoaster Its in Korea in every land I forgot what it was called But it pretty good
This is in Korea. Some historical place.
The view from the quest mall This would look so much better if instagram Allowed panorama.
History project or world cup match Hmm both :P
Sam reading-The catcher in the rye. I think
Sam and barny back in home town
Barnabus in such deep thought . he's finally back .
This lens , you just fall in love with it