With sparks within 🌟
The Journey Is The Destination No Filter In the midst of our 'busy' days, stop for a while. Look around. Beauty is always there. Breathe It In. You'll find you. What's more magical than that?
Yesterday become memories. Mistakes are lessons. Today will be history. Waste no time and let's Capture The Moment !
Capture The Moment
Schooltrip with the kids gone Nuts but No Regretsβ™‘ ! I learnt a lot !
There are times when you are the only person you can rely on. Vscocam Life Is Good Quotestoliveby
Test after test, to gather strength & strength β˜… From An Airplane Window Life Is Good Vscocam Clouds And Sky Shot From Above
In a week, vacation's over ! But I just can't wait to Exploremore πŸ˜‰ Education By Myself
going back to home πŸ’œ From An Airplane Window amazed by the Clouds And Sky Relaxing
Writing the Future . Keep Optimistic ! πŸ’ͺ Lazy Day Exam Week
Everywhere we go, we are time-bound πŸš… Timepiece South Putrajaya,malaysia My Passion ❀ Open Edit
To appreciate is to educate. What say you ? πŸ˜‰ Everyday Education Gift Of A Friend Bookaholics
That calmness in insanity ✨✌ Firstimer Streetphotography The Calmness Within First Eyeem Photo