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I remember riding this thing. It was really awesome and scary at the same time. Btw, this ride is called 360 degrees because, yeah, you will be rotated like 360 degrees over and over until you vomit yourself (no, just kidding). I want to ride this thing again LOL. TBT  Ride 360
MR. BEANS is here! MR. BEANS? What does that mean?.....Well, there's a tradition in my school that each class has to name their class to represent the members unity. So, MR. BEANS is an acronym for Masyarakat Rolas Bagian Elmu Alam Nomor Siji. It's a javanese which means science students from class number one. This picture was taken a week before National Exams to show our gratitude to teachers and so we can keep the photo. I really miss them. So from top to bottom it's us and our English teacher, Ma'am Hedwig; our Chemistry teacher, Ma'am Tri; our Physics tracher, Mr. Joseph; and our Mathematics teacher and probably the best men in the world, Mr. Goodman (yeah, its his real name. I didn't made it up. Don't ask me why. LOL!) TBT  Throwback 2012 Mrbeans
Good Morning!! Have a great Taco Tuesday everyone ;) Well, today I'm still going to post pictures from high school as today is Throwback Time !! We know that yesterday We, Indonesian, celebrated Kartini's Day. Kartini was such a strong and an amazing women. She brought equality upon women in Indonesia. Years ago, when wars attacking our land and when imperialist dominating our people, women were slaves. They were treated like animals. They were treated like prisoners. They couldn't be free as men handcuffed them with chains, isolated them in houses so they would not be able to see the world. They were not allowed to have education as men in that time. But now it's all over. Kartini bravely stood before Indonesian women and led them to victory. Because of her, now women have right as equal as men. And this photo shows you that women ain't weak, that they have this strongest part inside them. They're like a grenade that will explode in time. And, btw they are my friends from high school and I'm proud that my school has grown such strong, smart, and brave girls. I'm sorry for spaming you such cheesy postings here. TBT  Highschool
They're the best cooker in my class. Wish I could taste their foods once again. Haha TBT
Prank!! Splash!! Splash!! I wasn't good at fast reading, especially reading Declaration of Independence in only 10sec. TBT  Throwback Highschool
What on earth is happening to him? LOL! We were so mean *no actually*
Boo ya! This picture is awkward ? TBT  Throwback
And at the end of our greatest journey in Bandung, We brought Silver medal home. It's SILVER medal bitches! LOL! Eventhough we didn't bring gold medal home *ouch*, at least we had experienced the most life-changing moment of our life. We worked together, practiced together for almost 6 months!!, laughed at one another, cried together, loved each other, and many other things that couldn't be described with words. I'm so lucky that I met these bunch of people, got to know them personally, and made friend with them (and still). I am so thankful to God that He let me surrounded by these people. And personally, I would like to thank all of you guys, Saint Paul Voices members, that had brought such an incredible moment in my life. I know it's been so long since our journey there, but honestly I can't easily forget what we had made in Bandung and everything about it was awesome. We were the best team in the world and still. TBT  Throwback 2012
Wait! There's another one. Throwback TBT  2012
And finally *drum roll please* we made it to Trans Studio Bandung LOL! This was the most wanted place among us. After the finale, with all the throat torturing moment, our travel agency brought us here to have some fun and to relax some muscles and stress. Yeah, finale was the most stressful moment. Ok! There was a funny story. Before the announcement of who would go to the finale were announced, our coach did the most sucks thing ever. He tricked us that we didn't make it to finale. We all cried, I cried. Till he finally said,"Ok, tomorrow we're going to practice." Suddenly, we jumped and cheered but then our coach shouted at us telling us that we could not be happy at that moment because it was not the end of the competition. "We must win and not be selfish" he said. We love him so much! N.B: His name is Gora. LOL!
Pewdiepie!! Traveling without shopping is nothing. So this is a piece of our journey at Cibaduyut, Bandung. Mostly, people here sell shoes. There're so many shoes with different brands and different models so you can choose whatever shoes you want to buy with even the lowest price. Sound interesting right? Throwback TBT  2012
This is our first stop at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. I can't believe that it was almost 2 or 3 years ago but I can still recalling every details of moments we made there. One thing I will not ever forget is that we took tons of pictures there. We took pictures of every inches and parts of the airport. Even some of us took selfies in the bathroom before it becomes popular like now. It's honestly funny. Throwback TBT
"Where's my shoes?" "Is this my shoes?" "No! It doesn't fit my foot." "This is frustrating!" "How cute" and blahh...are the sounds that the girls made when they're trying on their new shoes they're going to wear on stage. TBT  Fps ITB 2012
It's now for Throwback time! I'm taking you to a time (2 years ago exactly) when I was in high school, where most of your valuable moments were made. High school right?! So I start with this photo. This photo was taken in Bandung (In front of ITB to be exact), when I and my choir fellows joined an International Choir Competition in Institute of Technology, Bandung. It was such an incredible moment for me and us that in the youngest age of our life we could join a competition like this. Never thought that we could make it to the next level. Fps ITB TBT  2012
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"It doesn't matter where you're from - or how you feel... There's always peace in a strong cup of coffee"-Gabriel Bá Good day folks! Enjoy your morning treats :)
Take a bar of Fitbar to start this day because it's Friday! Good day everyone :) Tgif Healthysnack Fitbar VSCO
Good day Monday! Time to work my ass off.
Selamat pagi, selamat beraktifitas. Happy Monday everyone :)
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"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most"-John Ruskin Quotes Pure Mind  Love color instapict instaphoto vsco vscocam
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