I still enjoy photography, but not doing it enough. Nudge me to do better. :)
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Empty seats in shopping cart
Silhouette trees by lake against sky during sunset
Hot air balloons flying against sky during sunset
rear view
High angle view of meal served in plate
cloud - sky
Trees growing on field
Close-up of vintage car
High angle view of stones on land against sky
Bridge over river against sky in city
Railroad tracks against sky during sunset
High angle view of railroad tracks in city against sky
Graffiti on brick wall
Low angle view of sun against clear sky during sunset
Graffiti on grass
Yellow landscape against sky
one person
western script
Scenic view of sea against sky
Interior of subway station
Trees against sky during sunset
Multi colored graffiti
Close-up of served food on plate
Wet road amidst trees against sky during sunset
Cars on illuminated road against sky at night
Full frame shot of staircase
Close-up of paving stone
Low angle view of built structure against clear sky
Water flowing in sunlight
Close-up of food
Illuminated walkway in city
High angle view of multi colored pencils
High angle view of autumn leaves on street
Illuminated christmas tree at home
Close-up of fried egg in plate
Close-up of illuminated electric lamp
Illuminated road sign at night
Full frame shot of sand
Close-up of paper
Full frame shot of patterned pattern
Close-up of drink on table
Grass growing in city against sky
View of city against cloudy sky
Text written in modern building
Low section of people walking on footpath
Close-up of water drops on leaf
Rear view of woman riding bicycle on road
Rear view of man walking in front of building
Close-up of burger in plate
Close-up of building
View of building through window
Close-up of food
Close-up of hand holding tea cup on table
Vintage car parked on street
Interior of a room
Close-up of hamburger served in plate
Low angle view of illuminated lighting equipment
Silhouette of trees at sunset
Reflection of trees in water
High angle view of food on table
People at night
Close-up of woman in bikini
Close-up of bicycle wheel
Close-up of food
Low section of woman in water
Close-up of served food
Close-up of fresh flowers
View of buildings in city
Bare trees against the sky
Plants growing on rocks
Plants growing on tree trunk
Trees on field
Full frame shot of brick wall
Plant growing on wall
Information sign on tree trunk
Trees on field
Close-up of beer glass on table
Low angle view of building against sky at sunset
Close-up of flower over white background
Close-up of potted plant on wall
Bare trees against sky
Sun shining over landscape
Close-up of plant
Railroad tracks in city
Close-up of food
Low angle view of ceiling
Close-up of text on wall
Buildings against cloudy sky
View of built structure
Full length of woman standing by railing
Sun shining through clouds