Vagelis Moschos


Stendhal Syndrome... I think i have this...!! All photos and edits by me...
I cannot see clearly... I just can't... Abstractart Glitch Lomo Lomography No Escape I Want To Leave Random Abstract Art
...sound and vision... Thnx to maria koutroumpi for great self portrait! Check her stuff, she is great !! Unionapp Pixiteapps gGlitcheapp pPortrait CCollage Art BBig Eyes EEditing PPhotomanipulation fFace gGlance
...about things of you... Unionapp Pixiteapps Glitcheapp Dreamy Abstractart Obsession Collage Innervisions Editing Thinker
...when i see you... Unionapp Pixiteapps Fusedapp Abstractart Glance Photomanipulation Passion For Edits Edits Eyes
Journey throughout senses last night Tripping Zoned Out... Minimal Dreaming Abstractart Senses Fail Spaced Out Observing
...don't see it as the end... Unionapp Pixiteapps Black & White Piano Thrownaway Passion For Edits Editing Minimal Thrown Away Treasures
...mind and emotions spinning again... Circular Circular App Abstract Abstract Art Passion For Edits Editing
Just started melting again... Glitch Hamburg Abstract Photo Editing Photo Manipulation
...παράλληλοι δρόμοι που ποτε δεν τέμνονται...??? Lomo Lomography Berlin Abstract Art Artphotography Parallel Lines Parallel World
...all women around and above... Lomography Lomo Hanging Lamps Berlin Abstract Art Artphotography
Shot of the summer Thnx to Jason Arvanitakis for the great photograph! Fusedapp Unionapp Photo Editing Abstract Art
On the horizon... Circular App Mextures App Union App Horizon Photo Editing Passion For Edits Abstract Art
The view from above and inside... Unionapp Mexturesapp Editing Passion For Edits Tranquility
Blood running through my...beach?? Double Exposure Beach Leme Cam Lomo Lomography behind the fan... Thnx to yannis kelemenis for the photos Union App Unionapp Editing Collage Dancer
Time is never enough... All photos by nonica papageorgiou Unionapp Beauty Redefined Ballerina Ballet Dancer Dancer Psychedelic Photo Editing Collage Art Dreamy Dazed
A dream came true...!! Recording and mixing live in legendary Abbey Road Studio 2!! Recording Abbeyroadstudios Abbey Road Theodore Music Studio Big Dream Came True! Amazing Time
Something big is coming!! Some dreams come true...!! Unionapp Music Rehearsal Collage Art London Way Out Studio
...rise in love... Unionapp Photo Editing Psychedelic Dreamy Mexturesapp Collage Art
Walk through the past EEA3 - Athens EEA3 Abstract Unionapp Edit
Some maybes that can't be done... Thnx to candy for the pictures Unionapp Photo Editing Dreamy Collage Art
Athens, make a photo!! EEA3 - Athens EEA3 Athens
Just those eyes...and the music... Original photo by @blondiegd, thnx a lot!! Abstract Unionapp Beauty! Mexturesapp Psychedelic Passion For Edits
Delirium halfsleeve & chest tattoo finished!! Amazing work and art by Katakathy and NoToxicTattooCrew, Athens. Unionapp Tattoo Fusedapp My Tattoo Sleevetattoo
Dazed by glance Unionapp Mexturesapp Fragmentapp Dazed Abstract Abstract Art Lomo
Time never follows Unionapp Fusedapp Mexturesapp Abstract Art Time Memories
Got me trippin' again... Mexturesapp Fragmentapp Fusedapp Unionapp Tripping Abstract Edits Mindless
Eye on the news. original picture by @inglelandi Fragmentapp Mexturesapp Edit Abstract
Eye see you... Fragmentapp Tangentapp Mexturesapp Abstract Abstract Art Eyes first sight... Mexturesapp Decosketch Fragmentapp Abstract Beautiful Sight
...these eyes... Abstract Art Eyes Fragmentapp Tangentapp Psychedelic
Just checking Abstract Art Abstractart Matterapp
Dazed again...! Abstract Art Abstract Dazed Psychedelic
Words for "loyalty"... Lomo Words Psychedelic
...give me a sign... Lomo Signs
Listen to radio serching cities Lomo Radio Abstract
Turkish psych... Abstract Art Abstractart Digital Art Psychedelic
Trippin' again... Psychedelic Abstractart Spaced Out Abstract Art
Went all psychedelic again! Abstract Art Lomo Psychedelic Memory
A walk through the Snow ❄ Lomo Snow❄
My letters over you Abstract Art Lomo Letters Trance
Psychedelic Abstract Art Patterns
Recording time Lomo Recording Studio
Magic of fire Abstractart Lomo Abstract Art
Vanishing Point Rail Road
Full current Lomo Psychedelic
My Psychedelic trance party drawing Lomo Trance Psychedelic
Dreaming of you... Lomo In Love Dreaming Of You
While nobody was watching... Lomo In Love
Trying to hide your eyes Lomo Abstract Abstractart