Vagelis Moschos


Stendhal Syndrome... I think i have this...!! All photos and edits by me...
I cannot see clearly... I just can't... Abstractart Glitch Lomo Lomography No Escape I Want To Leave Random Abstract Art
...about things of you... Unionapp Pixiteapps Glitcheapp Dreamy Abstractart Obsession Collage Innervisions Editing Thinker
Journey throughout senses last night Tripping Zoned Out... Minimal Dreaming Abstractart Senses Fail Spaced Out Observing
...don't see it as the end... Unionapp Pixiteapps Black & White Piano Thrownaway Passion For Edits Editing Minimal Thrown Away Treasures
Abandoned train Lomo Old Wagon
Got me trippin' again... Mexturesapp Fragmentapp Fusedapp Unionapp Tripping Abstract Edits Mindless
The view from above and inside... Unionapp Mexturesapp Editing Passion For Edits Tranquility
Waiting For The Train Waiting For A Train Pantone Colors By GIZMON
We Are...
Lomo fishing net Lomo Pantone Colors By GIZMON Lomography
Lomo theme by the sea
Lomo theme by the sea Lomo
Glitch rose
In the woods In The Forest The Path Less Traveled By Pointer Footwear Forest Path
Psycho lights Lomo
Lomo sign small human Lomo
Lomo street Lomo Stree View The Path Less Traveled By Pointer Footwear
Lomo Road Lights Lomo
All stars Lomo Converse All Star Converse On The Move
Abstract Super 4 Lomo
Flowers easter time Flowers
Is this the ground? On The Ground
Rainy Days in the forest
Rorschach patterns everywhere Lomo Rorschach
Is this a mountain there?? Lomo Abstractart
Athens, make a photo!! EEA3 - Athens EEA3 Athens
Blood running through my...beach?? Double Exposure Beach Leme Cam Lomo Lomography
On the horizon... Circular App Mextures App Union App Horizon Photo Editing Passion For Edits Abstract Art
Weird forest Lomo Pantone Colors By GIZMON Sky And Trees
Candles on the wall Lomo Candles
Fairy beach Lomo Beach
Beauty by the sea Lomo
Candle melting Lomo Candles
Shall we leave now? Rail Road
Flight over clouds Cloud And Sky
Flight over poland Lomo Cloud
On the road again Lomo London Train Station
Over london Lomo Clouds Airplane
London calling Lomo London
Cliff above the sea Lomo
Horror castle... Lomo Castles
Hallways of always Lomo On The Boat Corridor
Shapes and reflections Lomo Shapes
Is this the place we all go?? Lomo On The Road
While nobody was watching... Lomo In Love