Urban Inspiration


In love with Berlin I organise tours for city professionals to show alternative ways of looking at city development.
Sunset over the
The Holzmarkt
The work of art
Berlin seen
Kottbusser Tor
The work of art
Haus der
Berlin Pankow
The East side
People watching
The urban
Walking the
The quiet side
A view from the
Part of the
The harbor of
The Meiji
Keeping the
Taking the
Rush hour in
The impressive
The City lights
The Notre Dame
Road trains in
Waiting for the
A lighthouse at
The former
The former
The former
The former
The Molecule
The sun turning
Having fun at
Ein Berliner
The 126 m tall
The Olympia
The radar dome
Bilder von
The dome of the
The old
Overrun by
Sunset at magic
Scenics -
View from the
The Berlin
Autumn in
The isle of
The Waddenzee
Moonlanding in
The public
The dome on the
Central Station
An illumination
The Dome of the
The lonely
The S-Bahn at
The river Spree
Hospitality in
Once a showcase
The warm
A holiday
Chilling at the
One of the as
The small town
The underpass
The renovated
The Frankfurter
The medieval
The former
The 'Holzmarkt'
The river Spree
The first signs
The area of
The beauty of
The building is
The Palace of
Autumn. Autumn
A section of
Entree of the
Stairs in the
Stasi-files in
The Berlin
The Berliner
Rush hour in
Reaching out
The mild green
The 'Halde
Rome takes you

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