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In love with Berlin I organise tours for city professionals to show alternative ways of looking at city development.
The underpass of the S-Bahnstation ‘Berlin-Grünewald’. S-bahn U-Bahn Station Berlin The Way Forward Illuminated Ceiling Diminishing Perspective Built Structure
The renovated Jannowitz U-Bahnstation in Berlin. Berlin U-Bahn Railway The Way Forward Built Structure Indoors  Corridor No People
Müggelsee Berlin, still fully frozen. River Frozen Nature Winter Ice Built Structure Architecture Reflection Outdoors Nature
The Frankfurter Allee as showcase of the former GDR/DDR. #Berlin #City #Trafficjam #friedrichshain #sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape #traffic Communication Television Tower
The medieval city of Korbach in Hessen Germany. Architecture Medieval Built Structure Building Exterior House No People Day
The former radio studio’s of the youth radio of the GDR (DDR) in former East-Berlin. GDR DDR Berlin Radio Station Studio
The 'Flakbunker' in Berlin-Humboldshain was part of a sophisticated air defense system. It also was a hiding place for 15.000 civilians. The Flakbunker was considered as 'high tech' of that time, but appeared not effective in the fight against air raids of Britisch airplains. Berlin Bunker WW2 Memorial Berlijn Built Structure Flakbunker Military Ww2
The 'Holzmarkt' in Berlin is an alternative way of creating urban space. It started as club 'BAR25' on the same spot. Moved forced by 'market developments' to the opposite bank of the river Spree to establish 'Kater Holzig' and finaly moved back to where they started. Berlin Clubbing Holzmarkt Light Berlijn Outdoors Real People Urban
The river Spree was once part of the division of the city. It was for a number of years, after the fall of the Wall, the place for new music-clubs to establish. Names to mention are BAR25, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Yaam, Kater Holzig and currently the Holzmarkt. (2014) Berlin Oberbaumbrücke S-Bahn Berlin Spree Nautical Vessel Travel Destinations Water
The first signs of winter: snow in Arnhem (NL). Night Snow ❄ City Arnhem Winter Light And Shadow
The area of Oberschöneweide is an upcoming part of Berlin. A must to visit is the former AEG-plant. A huge and mostly still number of authentic buildings. AEG Berlin Industry Architecture Built Structure City Factory Building Roof
The beauty of Park Sonsbeek in The Netherlands. Holland Arnhem Tree Park Colorful
The building is build in grey concrete, this former relict of the Cold War, but yet still colourful. Teufelsberg was the Berlin espionage station of the American NSA. After close down after the Cold War it became a popular spot for parties and urban exploration. Berlin Colourful Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Cold War Relic Espionage Military Teufelsberg
The Palace of Karel van Lotharingen in Brussels. Brussels Brussels❤️ Palace
Autumn. Autumn Wood Leaves🌿 Nature
A section of the spectacular Arnhem Central Station, opened in 2015. Architecture Arnhem Arnhem CS Sunlight Architecture Blackandwhite Railing Railway Station
Entree of the Dutch Institute for Architecture (NAI) based in Rotterdam. Rotterdam Architecture Concrete Blackandwhite
Stairs in the former theater of the Russian Red Army at Olympic Village of the 1936 games, situated west of Berlin. Olympics Berlin Russian Army Olympicgames Blackandwhite Staircase Interior Abandoned Abandoned Places
Stasi-files in the former Russian and STASI detention centre in the Lindenstraße in Potsdam. Potsdam prison russian stasi — in Potsdam, Germany Potsdam Files Museum Prison Russian Stasi
S-Bahnhof Berlin-Halensee. Night Public Transportation Rail Transportation Illuminated Berlin
The Berlin S-Bahn at Westkreuz. Public Transportation Railroad Station Berlin Sunlight
The Berliner Strausberger Platz is part of the East European architecture of formeel East-Berlin. Berlin Sunset Sunlight Funkturm Berlin
Rush hour in Berliner S-Bahn. Transportation Public Transportation Reflection Train - Vehicle Berlin S-bahn S-Bahn Berlin People Blackandwhite
Haus Schwarzenberg. Berlin
Reaching out for a hand at the Kottbuser Damm during the Berlin Marathon, the traditional sportsevent in september. Berlin Marathon Crowd Large Group Of People Outdoors Sport Streetlife Togetherness Walking
The mild green of the pipes and tubes of the Thyssenkrupp steelplant near Essen Germany. Duisburg Ruhrgebiet Factory Industrial Building  Industry Pipe - Tube Pipeline
The 'Halde Hoheward' is a man made mountain in the Ruhr Area with the top 113m above sea level. It is landfill coming from Zeche Recklinghausen, Zeche Ewald and Zeche General Blumenthal/Haard. In the far distance the stadium of Schalke04. Dortmund Fussball Gelsenkirchen Schalke04 Halde Hoheward Mountain Scenics Sky
Rome takes you some 2000 years back in human history. The city is an exceptional open air museum. Colloseum Italy Rome Roman Architecture History Travel Destinations Tourism
The former airport Tempelhof in Berlin is an exceptional place. 'Tempelhofer Freiheit' is what people experience cruising accross the over 360 ha fast area. Some call it magic. Berlin Tempelhofer Feld Airfield Tempelhof Cloud - Sky Clouds And Sky Leisure Activity One Person Sky
The ovens have cooled down in Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. The noisy machinery has stopped. What remained is a silent witness of prosperous times in the Ruhr Area leaving behind a beautiful and impressive 'landscape' of grey and green. Duisburg Industry Ruhrgebiet Ruhrpott Abandoned Factory Industrial Landscapes Landschaftspark Duisburg-nord
The nautical event every 5 years: Amsterdam Sail. This picture was taken at the 2015-edition. The beautiful sight of the tallships bading in the orange light of sunset. Amsterdam Harbour Tall Ship nautical vessel orange color sail sailamsterdam2015 ship sunset Amsterdam Harbour Sail Sail2015 Ships Sky Sunlight Sunset Tallships Water
The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is the biggest in the world. It trades in one of the most expensive fish: the tuna. In 2014 a 230 kg tall tuna was traded for €60.000. Japan Sushi Tokyo Fish FishMarket Manual Worker Transportation Tuna
Sailing the sea along Norway on the 'Hurtgruten' is an adventure. It takes you 3.000 km up north around the North Cape and then 3.000 km back south, agian crossing the Pole Circle. Doing this in wintertime, you might see the nortern light. Sea Norway Hurtigruten Ship Northsea Sunset Fyord Coastline
Walking down one of the two runways of the former Berlijn airport Tempelhof is considerred as a kind of meditation. On the picture a boy on his way while checking his mobile phone. Berlin Tempelhofer Feld City Outdoors People Phone Real People Walking
The remains of the baracks and living apartments of the Russian Army that occupied the eastern part of Germany after WWII. These old baracks can be found at the former Olympic Village of the Olympic Games of 1933, west of Berlin. Berlin Olympic Village Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Germany Military Military Base Russian
Rotterdam is an exceptional city in The Netherlands. Long considerred as a city for workers, it has become a trendy town in recent years, that competes with Amsterdam in being 'hip 'n' happening'. Erasmusbrug Rotterdam Architecture Habour View Nautical Vessel River Skyscraper Waterfront
Paris, city of love and lights. Who doesn't want to be on the picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Forget your camera, but don't forget your iPad. Eiffel Tower Paris Happiness Looking At Camera Parijs People People Photography Photography
Bahnbetriebswerk Pankow-Heinersdorf is a former maintenance area of the German railways. It is abandoned and attracts many youngsters to party and photographers. Berlin Berlijn Abandoned Places Abandoned Railway Pankow-heinersdorf Blackandwhite Black And White Train
The 'Lichtgrenze' was a unique celebration the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin in 1989. Over 14 km of lighted balloons marked the downtown section of the former Berlin Wall. Berlin Berlinwall BerlinWall25 Night Photography Berlijnse Muur Berlijn
The beauty of Ireland is unsurpassed. The green of the landscapes, the grey of the sea, the colour of the houses. It mixes to a picture close to a painting. Harbour View Ireland Ireland🍀 Cloud - Sky Clouds And Sky Sea And Sky Sky Sunset
The Berlin 'Fernsehturm' at the Alexanderplatz is a 368 m tall structure build between 1965 and 1969 by the DDR-broadcast authorities. Its modern architecture still stands out against the skies of Berlin. Alexander Berlin Fernsehturm Berlin  Funkturm Communication Fernsehturm / Tv Tower Illuminated Modern Night
The 'Eisfabrik' is a former icefactory along the river Spree in Berlin. After closure it became one of the many abandonned places for party fans and city dwellers. Since an investor bought the building and area, it is fenced off. Another paradise lost. Berlin Spree Spree River Berlin Sunlight Abandoned Buildings Indoors  Sunlight Urban
Canary Wharf is the modern part of the financial heart of London. Impressive in its appearance, intimidating in its hidden powers. London Night Lights Architecture Canary Wharf In London Skyscraper Urban Skyline Water Waterfront
Situated in the Berliner Nepalstraße, along the river Spree, a former deserted factory was in 1951 converted into the radiostudio's of the new East-Germany broadcasting system. The studio's were operational until the end of 1991. On the picture the central recording hall number 1. Berlin DDR-Architektur GDR Architecture Berlijn Funkhaus Funkhaus Berlin
Dreilinden in the southwest of Berlin used to be the border between the GDR (DDR) and West-Berlin. On the picture the remains of the East-German border patrol. Berlin Berlin Wall DDR DDR Grenze Dreilinden GDR Berlijn Border Graffiti Abandoned Places
The former hospital of Beelitz-Heilstätten is a remarkable place to visit. From civil to NAZI-hospital it came in use by the Russian Red Army after World War II. AAbandoned Places BBeelitz Heilstätten BBerlin HHistorical Building HHistorical Sights aAbandoned bBerlijn rRussian Abandoned Buildings
Most of Prenzlauerberg has been 'gentrified'. Many houses have been renovated and the area belongs to the most populair of Berlin. On the picture a wall (not 'The Wall') that separates the dead end street from the ring S-Bahn S41/S42. Berlin Berlijn Blackandwhite No People Outdoors Prenzlauerberg Streetphotography Urban
The Nordbahntrasse is a citizens' initiative to establish a 23 km long bike road on former industrial rail tracks in Wuppertal. Along wich you can find nice places to eat and drink, cultural place and bike rentals. Deutschland Industrial Train Tracks Wuppertal Bike Bike Road Nordbahntrasse Transportation Tunnel
Tempelhof has become a symbol of the space Berlin offers to its residents and visitors. A walk accross the former airfield is mindblowing. Berlin Funkturm Berlin Tempelhof Architecture Berlijn Berlin At Night Night Sunset
Traces of industrial history in Berlins Niederschöneweide. It is an old brewery wich is prepared for a new life as biergarten and club. Berlin Berlijn Industrial Brewery Decaying Building
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