Fares Ghamrawy


We are powerful! This is our time! We are now unleashed! Revolt and rebel! Walls are meant to be broken! Break the walls through ART.
There where rain falls! Art Sketch Rain Melancholic drawing always expresses my thoughts :)
Mission Mystery Art Red Sreet Art
Beauty in Norway. Location: ANDØYA Nature EyeEm Natue Lover Mountains Northern Norway
Trees of silence Nature Collection Northern Norway Mountains Tree
Supersize Yourself With Whitewall Freedome within the walls! Art Skin Freedome
FRIHET! Roam all the cities streets like ants that fill a nest. Build your own tunnels walk your own ways! and maybe just maybe you will get a glimpse of what freedome is! Free Art Wide Angle Freedome
W.A.V.E.S Art Melancholy Shock Blurred Visions