Cheers 🍺🍹
How far is near ?
Nature is always amazing Beautyful Cloud Capital Cities  Bangkok Thailand
Deepest condolences Mymajestyking 🇹🇭👑🙏🏼
First time at Wiang kunkam Wat Oldcity Coach Horse Chiangmai Thailand 🙏🏼🐎🌏
Cat♡ Sleeping Cat Vacation
Lift it up after work Sogood👌👌
My student's trip at Khaokeow Open Zoo 🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐵🐧🐺🐗🐴🐍🐠
Sky Dark Cloud Cityscape Balcony ☁️🌑🏢
Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn 🌅 Sunset Sea Sky Cloud Life Promise
Full of emptiness 😶
Painful smiling 😊
Shadow is my best friend ... :|
After drunk dancing with poor friends haha , it was funny even if it hurts 🍻😋😊
Night friend , nice friend 🍻
Run out off time ⌛️
First time using chopsticks 🍜
Open your mind and let's travel 🌏
Reminded ❤️
Release the old feeling to get better one 👋🏻 First Eyeem Photo