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And yes, @badgalriri is back! Thanks IG... Girls be like. :) Rihanna Backininstagram Badgalriri IHeartRihanna youfuckedup oops iusedthefword
Girls, say wwhhhaaaat??! Lol. True. Screenshots Quotes Shitgoingdown Badgalririisback rihanna girls
I am not here. Dayslikethese Smile
I miss these kiddos! Titaduties Halloween Nieces Love family happy scaryface funny auntme
Inhale. Exhale. :) Jordinsparks Bullshit GoodShit Life lessons notagain
Amen to that. Ohboy Girls Boys True
Everytime! Lol. Read but no response. Ouch Love LOL Oops ifonly youletthefireout
make me smile, you have my heart.
We seem difficult to understand but aside from our hormones, insecurities and moods, we are simple as what you actually make us feel. If you want a happy relationship, make sure we are happy. If you want us to love you more than anyone, make us feel the same. Make us feel securr. Love us deeply. Women are like sponge. Like sunshine on a rainy day. Like a child. Like a mom. We are what we are. Crazy and complicated. A beautiful mess. And when we love you, we really do from head to toe. ;) Girls WeAre Love Girlproblems boys complicated
I looked nuts in here but the hell I care. Who would have thought I would ride a roller coaster twice? Lol. One of the happiest days. I miss you girls! Let's get ready for the next adventure! Ferrariworld Abudhabi Rides Fun girls friends girlfriends happyday happy life fun letsgetlost
Know the difference. Life Lessons Love Wisdom daughters sons lust parents
True. Broken Love Hearts Lies selfish
Hahahahahha... boom! Putok BO Funny LOL
True. Men Women Worth
Just before the worst days started, I was this happy. Yes, I got wreckless but I learned how strong I was afterall. Only losing my mom is the one thing I still wish didn't happen... Cheers to wiser and happier days! :) Happy Wise Life Girls wisdom trials strength woman mama
I miss you girls! Wish you were with me but you know what to do when everyone is back in the Kingdom, yeah? ;) Girls Girlfriends Sistersfromdifferentmothers Happy dubai february love life fun party
28 is the new 18. Praying for a better year full of blessings, love, adventures and wisdom. This past year have been difficult but it was a year filled with love, fun and self-discovery. I am still thankfu. Thank you to all my friends, family and special people who became a part of my crazy world. Thank you everyone for the endless love and greetings that you showered me on my birthdy. Cheers to more years of adventure, bruises, broken hearts, wounded knees, laughter, crazy times, love, strength, self-discovery and life!:)
I am this kind of crazy. Hahahahahha... can you keep up? Idontcare LOL Funny Granma oldies fun letusbecrazy crazy
This would be a perfect halloween costume and caption for me. Hahahahahahhaa... oh gosh, the irony! Perfectguy Halloween Bride Dating love lol
To my most beloved mama Vilasini who accepted me and all my crazies, Happy Happy Birthday! I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for always being there for me through my ups and downs, for accepting my weirdness and for magnifying the good. For sharing your wisdom and nurturing side. And for being my bigger sister and mama at the same time. May you have more blessed and wonderful years to come with your kids and loved ones! Let us celebrate our birthdays when I come back, yeah?! Love lots. ♡♡♡ Birthday Mama Happy Love blessed
Nyahhahaha... exactly! Lazy Procrastinate Me LOL notowork notoschool comeherewithme sleep
Who's with me? We simply hate this kind of answer. Lol. K Texting What Hate blunt text idontwanttotalk hush pissed
Hahahaha.yum!yum! I would choose the other in any given day. Lol. Cute Food Loveorfood Love lol
Hmmmm... I see. Phobia Love Trust Hurt
Hahahaa... hell yeah! Boring Admitit Hellyeah Weareunique
:,( Goodbyes Lullabies Langleav Poetry simple hurt heartfelt
Beach! Beach! Beach! Alright, we were not prepared to swim. :) Home Beach Happy Family outoftown trip
I miss this place. I miss this beach coz' it was heaven for me when I was a kid. :) ♡♡♡ Beach Home Happy Selfie iremember wheniwasakid ilovedthisplace
Peek a boo! :) Home Outoftown Happy Family selfie nature lovely
Then I will stop staring... Stopwhileyoucan Stare Lookatme Eyes mystery blankly ayearago
Unexpected lovely shot of today's sunset and rice fields. The perks of out of town travels... Lovely Nature Sunset Movingshots happy home sky
This view is one of those that I keep coming back to. Lovely indeed. Nature View Lovely Mountains river home
These happy feet went to the beach today. :) Happyfeet Sands Beach Home happy smile
I don't wanna be a teeny bop bop but I gotta admit, I think I'm in love with this guy. Hahahaha... Oh @anselelgort , how could you? Teen Love TFioS Anselelgort movies moviestars hot celebritycrush
No captions needed. :) TFioS KissMe Love Kiss happy
Finally, I'm smiling again. :) Selfie Denim Blouse Shorts girls love dressingroom hush chic comfy happy mirrorselfie casualdays ilovewatches stillwishyouwerehere
Lol. Epic! I ain't buying that shit. Sorry! ;) Thebigbangtheory LOL FriendswithBenefits WTF true noway nowigetit
This fruit is one of my favorite things in the world. Would never say no to it. Lanzones Foodporn Ilovefood Fruits happy pinas thingsimiss home
Let's steer the wheel. Scared to death though. Lol. Oh finally, I got the chance to do this! Been dreaming about driving since I was a kid. Hahahaa... Let's just keep the zero accident record. Girls Coolgirlsdrive Driving Learnhowtodrive drive happy dreamcometrue steering keepsafe scared cars adventure
"Give tita a hug!" And they all go running towards me. My favorite part of the day. Gonna miss this kiddos. :) Kids Nieces Family Happy love home titaduties hugs ilovehugs givemeahug
This is what we call, "give me a hug!" Hahaha... I get these sweetedt hugs and kisses everyday from these kulit kids. Family Love Happy Hug givemeahug girls nieces kids titaduties home mama wishyouwerehere
RASTA dinner. Bobmarlin Naga Maogmanglugar reggae reggaevibe grill
My brother allowed me to drive today...I think we looked like this. Bwahahahahaa. NAH!!! It was the opposite. Had a great first driving lesson day though my heart dropped everytime I am behind the wheel. Excited to learn more!!! ❤❤❤???????❤❤❤ Girls Drive Coolgirlsdrive Happy wishlist happy cars excited isowanttodrive happyday adrenaline
"The Lord has you in His divine keeping." Mama Missingyou Tombstone Love forever mother wishyouwerestillhere lettinggo imissyousomuch
With the noisy and kiti-kiti gang. Titaduties Family Love Happy mama wishyouwerehere imissyousomuch nieces girls familytime
Look who went to the mall today? Ate love, cousin love. <3 <3 <3 Cousins  Titaduties Love Home mama wishyouwerehere holdhands happy family
In another lifetime, I hope I can show you my love more than I did... I'm happy knowing you are happy. But my heart still aches and longs for you. Forever Mama Love Missingyou imissyousomuch
True. God Faith Failure  Sins Savior beinghuman
Smiling for my first macaroon bite...??☕? Macaroons Laduree Riyadh Love sweets happy girltime girlfriends happytimes yum foodporn first
Let's go to sweet Paris.?❤? Laduree Sweets Lovelyplace Love happy riyadh girls girltime girlfriends