Hei hei! I'm 21 years old, and I'm from Norway. Hope you like my pics, and feel free to follow :-)
Løye Girl Self Portrait Model Skyporn
Self Portrait Girl Eyes Woman
Selfie Selfie Norway Eyes Selfportrait
Leker uskyldige ? Love Norway Eyes Selfie
Do I have the most handsome boyfriend or what? ? Norway Love Model Eyes
Selfie Norway Greeneyes Selfportrait
Norway Greeneyes Selfportrait Selfie
Mira ❤️ Dog Norway
Selfie Selfportrait Norway Girl Greeneyes
Going for a walk in the park ? Selfportrait Norway Girl
Ami ? Dog
I love you ❤️
My boyfriend ❤️
Selfie Norway Selfie Selfportrait Greeneyes
Merry xmas! Norway Love Blackandwhite
Can't beileve I get to call him mine <3 Portrait Model Norway
? Love
? Love Portrait Cute
L o v e ? Love Couple
Svart Girls Selfie Portrait Blackandwhite
Selfportrait Green Eyes Norway Girls
Girl Greeneyes Selfie Norway ?
Girl Selfportrait Ombre Hair Blackandwhite
Girl Selfportrait Portrait Eyes
Blackandwhite Streetphotography Streetart
New hairdo ?? Girl Selfportrait Girls Blackandwhite
Working class hero Selfportrait Blackandwhite Eyes Girl
Bergen seen from Fløien Nature Norway City Mountain
Sunset with orbs Orbs Spiritual Nature Norway
friends out having fun partying Party Girls Norway Friends
out walking on my way to work Selfportrait Eyes Girl Music
Blackandwhite Girl Glasses Selfportrait
Selfportrait Eyes Girl Blackandwhite
Nature Norway Sport Light And Shadow
Norwegian forest Light And Shadow Forest Norway Nature
Sporty-pants Portrait Skyporn Norway Sport
Christina and I <3 Blackandwhite Friends Portrait Eyes
Selfportrait Eyes
I'm in a good place in life <3 Portrait Blackandwhite Eyes Girl
<3 Portrait Blackandwhite Boys
sisters <3 Portrait Friends Sisters Norway
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