Christina Forstrønen Bruarøy

23 y old copywriter from Norway. Instagram - @christinafb / @christinafb.shoots
Christina Forstrønen Bruarøy
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Low angle view of birds flying over building
Full length of woman standing in snow
Buildings by river against sky in city
Rear view of woman sitting on rock by sea against sky
Portrait of smiling friends
High angle view of man looking away on footpath in city
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Woman sitting on rock
Full length of happy woman standing against tree
Portrait of man with drink sitting in kitchen
Portrait of young woman standing against illuminated buildings in city
Close-up portrait of smiling boy
Portrait of woman in illuminated traditional clothing
Portrait of shirtless boy
Flower vase on table at home
High angle view of townscape
Portrait of a horse
Close-up of closed door
High angle view of buildings
Low angle view of rock against sky
Full length of boy playing on cobblestone
Close-up of lit candles in darkroom
Close-up of hand holding plant
Close-up of monkey on tree branch in zoo
Close-up of butterfly on purple flowering plant
High angle view of hands on sand
Scenic view of sea against sky
Close-up of human hand
Close-up of white flowering plant
View of building
Aerial view of mountain by sea against sky
Close-up of flowering plant
Close-up of purple flowering plant
Low angle view of leaf against sky at night
Close-up of open book on table
Close-up of woman standing against white background
Waves splashing on rocks
Low section of woman legs on sand at beach
Close-up of succulent plant against sky