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Ok because everyone keeps saying make a snapchat I finally did. @kurtismchugh @sarahhsmith12 @dakota300zxrushing
My very last cigarette :'( Depression Quitingforgood Nonsmokertobe
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If you guys like my posts check out some of videos on youtube dont forget to like and share.Youtube lets play fable anniversary pt 1!!: http://youtu.be/W7pIG75iK_0
On that good good life
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Other asked question why am i single. Answer1 i dont know honestly 2. Im unapproachable 3. I carry myself to high and am high maintenance
Commonly asked question why do i use studio headphones. Answer they are surround sound and have hd mics
That moment you realize you hate yourself more than anything else
Bulking slowly but surely
Maybe i should actually make a movie like this lol i have all kinds of stories and a great camera
I may be skinny but at least the muscle i have is toned af
I feel like i may have tried a lil to hard for no reason lol
That moment when a redneck drives a supergirl car lol
Clouds at work today
Yeah my hair is all gone lol
I got a note 4!!!!
This is my life :( im destined to be alone forever Nolovenolife
I woke up with my hair looking like a boss!
I look like a lumberjack
Best thing ever! !!
Too early to be up
New game!!!!
Job interview time