Yarelis N Juan SotoMorales


My skateboard i love it
My chicken is technologic
Good night in love
Walking around
Beautiful beach... ;)
In he's birthday happy day
Love love you you
How beautiful he is only love you
In my birthday :):):)
In the Yunque water cool...
In the fifteenth happy happy
Drinking ice coca cola...
In happy new year
I love softball
Prom day partyyyyy....
A very special moment :)
One day visiting me... Love you
The sun illuminates me
Kiss kiss
You are my life, love and live.....
One day, two day ....
You're my Baby
Unique and special..... <3
Me true love... :*
I am Cheche (...halo...)
Beatutiful picture, it's amazing
You never expect much from those who promise much :::::::
It is part of life
Oh me god... :o
Love Love Love... Uhhh
Live laugh
Things you never forget
What you give is what you get... :/
In Love
Love you <3
Nice :)
Yop... First Eyeem Photo