A man with a couple of cameras. County Durham, Northeast UK. All my images © Nikon d810 & d3400. Also on IG @twisted_soul_ & @twisted_soul_bnw
Portrait practice with the Canon 50mm f1.4 and Portrait Professional software. My son. With his lady killer eyes Portrait Son Eye4photography  DSLR
Still at it, no gain without pain Fitness Tattoo Selfportrait Eye4photography
Window to the soul Nature_collection Eye4photography Bw_collection Horse
Natures beauty Blackandwhite Hdr_Collection Nature_collection EyeEmBestEdits
Selfportrait Blackandwhite Eye4photography  Bw_collection
Hdr_Collection Horse Nature_collection Blackandwhite
Blackandwhite Bw_collection Landscape_Collection Eye4photography
My photography addiction made me return. Fresh start, same name luckily. Only one Twisted Soul. Back to the beginning with a empty gallery. Hope I find all my friends again Eye4photography  Landscape_Collection EyeEmBestEdits Horses