Kyle Paradis


Twin Cities, Minnesota. Nikon D5100. Instagram: @Tw1sted_Sky
Storms Minnesota Cloudporn Nature
Got very lucky and captured two daytime (basically sunset) lightning shots on my no radar or map chase in North Central Minnesota. Well worth five hours of driving! Cloudporn Minnesota Nature Lightning
Cloudporn Nikon Nature Minnesota
Storm season!! Nikon Minnesota Nature Cloudporn
Nikon Cloudporn Nature Minnesota
Side mirror shot. Cloudporn Sky And Clouds Reflection Nikon
Colorado Springs, CO. Cloudporn Sky And Clouds Nature Mountains
Storms Sky And Clouds Cloudporn Minnesota
Incoming storm! Cloudporn Sky And Clouds Nikon Reflection
Happy we don't have to deal with this anymore! Nature Cloudporn Sky And Clouds Sky
Colorado Springs, Colorado. Black And White Nature Cloudporn Landscape
Self Portrait Selfie Nikon
Cloudporn Sky And Clouds Nature Landscape
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington. Nature Waterfall Nikon Washington
Sea fog. Clearwater Beach, Florida. Nikon Sky Cloudporn Florida
Want a treat?! Dog Dogs
Sunset Nature Sky Reflection
Peace and Love! Peace Love Sunset Clouds
Florida Nikon Sunset Nature
Nikon Minnesota Smokie Selfie
Minnesota Nikon Sky Chemtrails
Sunset Nikon Minnesota Mirror
Florida Nikon Storms Nature
Nikon Sunset Florida
Sunset Nikon Florida Nature