I'm TRINITY....follow me on instagram....@ _4eveatreneed_ BYEE!!
jusx a normal daii ??
todays a new day!!
bestfriendsx&&family!! ????✊
?? hmmmp.
birthdaii 2•27
hven a bond widd sumone isx da bestthing ever!! ??
off guardsx!! ??
? heyy new TRINN!!
blahh blahh!!
? ?
i cant complain my life isx erriithing i dream!! ?
??hunter....u reallii a fool we couldnt even much take a normal picture!! ???
??hii jimmy!! ihop flow afta da dance && bonfire!! lotsx of fun!!??
ppl say u stressx wen u give a fck but ig i dont stressx cusx i nevea give a fck!!
u hate me &&claim ya nigga dont want me but he keep txtn sorrii ya nigga love me!! ??? Disx Say It All
2k13 hmcumn dance!! 11th grade year turn up! my nitee isx reallii sumn i want faget!! ??
1st daii of skool.....junior year turn up!!
blahhh blahhh church wasx good blahhh!
dat daii wen all disx thoughtsx jusx cum at once!! Yeap Ig datsx dat type of daii.....awkard moment 7/23/11 gone ………
blahh blahh!! fck u wack assx mfrs!!
my bored lonely babii face lookn assx!!
nevea wasx da female to give a fck bout da nxt bitch alwaiisx been worried bout myself!!
some dreamsx fade but mine are faevea!!
I jusx be thuggn solo!!
I be mugged up cusx ion give af!! I see disx bitchesx tlkn but im not listen!!
#Umm Disx
Birthday Countdown
#disx Say It All
I Love Jabien!
Amen ♥
#disx How Feel!
#ack Like U Ant Catch Dat!
Himm <3
#disx Life
#lonely fckn nitee widd out da baee! Goodnitee
When Boredem Strikes
Boredom Strikes >.<
wen boredem strikes!
bored soo Yeaa!
tryna decide if I wantd to wear disx dressx to W.H.S dance!
me wen I wasx inna processx of gettn readii fa W.H.S dance!
me & my friend food!
me wen I wasx in da process of gettn readiii fa da W.H.S dance!
my bestfriend Telaysia! at da dance she cute Ik but she wasx losted widd out ha boo,lolsx iloveu sweetie!
when I wasx gettn all doll up to see my boii friend at da dance
me yestadaii
jusx been me!
jusx been me!
yall should follow my cousin @lexi_Marie
jusx bored but old!
I wasx bored or w/e
old but Yeaa!
da otha nitee!
*im different cant u see*
in gardere-*Yeaa im different*
Me And My Ritee Hand !