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2017 French Presidential Candidates on display in the village of Bossee, Indre-et-Loire, France. France 2017 French Presidential Candidates Election 2017 Bossee Village Life Posters People Green Trees Tranquil Scene Portraits EyeEmDiversity Marine Le Pen Politics Politicians Resist If Trees Could Speak
Independence Day USA On November 8th, 2016 the American people went to the polls and voted for change; ditching the political elite, for a self-made billionaire who promised to make America great again. The American people voted for change in large enough numbers to get the required electoral college votes for Donald J. Trump to become the next President of the Divided States of America; with the job of unifying them again, after a tough campaign battle. Not a campaign, but a movement; Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs voted for a government to serve the people and serve the people it would. As President Elect, the life-long businessman pledged to look at the business of fixing inner cities and rebuild the crumbling U.S infrastructure; putting millions of people to work, while pledging to take good care of the veterans. On a path of national growth and renewal, Mr Trump, as 45th President of the United States of America, vowed to settle for nothing less than the best; dreaming big, and bold, and daring. America voted for a change of course without a Bush or Clinton at the helm. While making it clear that he would put America's interest first, the newly elected President would continue to seek common ground, not hostility and partnership, not conflict when working with the world community. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi so admired the United States Constitution that he chose to inscribe JULY IV MDCCLXXVI on the tablet in the left hand of his statue; associating the date of the country's Declaration of Independence with the concept of liberty. Millions may be worried but whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, a large print of the Statue of Liberty on your wall will show that you believe in the coming together on the voyage ahead, and in the healing power of the American people. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ America American Blue Clear Sky Close-up Divided States Independence Day Neighborhood Map Landmarks Liberty Liberty Island Looking Up Michel Guntern New York No People Statue Statue Of Liberty Travel Travel Destinations Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics UNESCO World Heritage Site United States USA
Vegetable Market in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Vegetable markets are a great place for colourful pictures of local life. What could be more traditional that the morning ritual of shopping for fresh produce to put on the table. Here at this indoor market in Malaysia, local farmers spread out their produce on the floor. Potential customers then crouch to select their ingredients and discuss the price; oblivious of the travel photographer behind them. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Adults Only ASIA Authentic Crouching Daily Life Food Fresh Produce Kota Bharu Local Malaysia Market Market Vendor Markets Michel Guntern On The Floor Real People Red Peppers Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Two People Snap a Stranger Vegetable Market Neighborhood Map
Air Berlin Over Switzerland. View from the aeroplane window during an Air Berlin flight over Switzerland, on the approach to Zurich Kloten airport, with another aircraft flying beneath the German passenger plane. The red and white airberlin logo graces the tip of the wing. Visibility is good, with very light cloud in the sky; allowing us to see the shapes and contours of the brown and green ground below; in relatively sharp focus. If you're really interested, you could even find this exact location on Google Earth by tracing the roads and settlements. Some people find this more exciting than train spotting. Others may be surprised that there are no snow-covered mountains in the scene. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Aerial View Aeroplane Aeroplane Window Air Berlin Airline Travel Airlines Clear Sky Clear Visibility Earth Final Approach Flight Path Flying In Flight In The Air Landing Switzerland Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Two Planes Let’s Go. Together. Window Seat Window View Wing Tip
Cape Town's Table Mountain is recognisable around the world by its distinct, flat-top shape. The level plateau is around three kilometres from side to side; flanked by Devil's Peak to the east and Lion's Head to the west. The highest point on Table Mountain is towards the eastern end of the plateau, at 1,086 metres above sea level. For excellent views over Cape Town, Table Bay, Robben Island and the Atlantic seaboard, the Table Mountain Cableway transports passengers up to the plateau from Tafelberg Road. Visitors can use the free MyCiTi shuttle service from Lower Tafelberg Road, just off Kloof Nek Road, to the Upper Tafelberg Road stop at the Lower Cable station. Tourists can also arrive on the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour buses that leave Cape Town every twenty minutes. The 90-minute round trip starts at the Two Oceans Aquarium, passing the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront and the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The bus then heads up Adderley Street, stopping at City Sightseeing's Long Street tour office. From there the bus continues directly to the Cableway. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Tafelberg Blue Sky Cable Car Cableway Clear Sky Landmarks Michel Guntern Mountain Top Not Afraid Of Heights Passengers Sightseeing South Africa Table Mountain Tourist Attractions Tourists Transportation Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics
Share The Meal. Communal eating, sharing street food in Hanoi, Vietnam. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ World Food Day ASIA Chopsticks Crouching Snap A Stranger Eating Out Group Of People Hanoi Hà Nội Local Food Michel Guntern Noodles People Serving ShareTheMeal Soup Street Food Street Photography Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese Food Women
The 1918 Battle of Saint-Mihiel, from September 12th to 15th, was the first independent battle of the American Expeditionary Force in the First World War. Having helped the French at Belleau Wood and in the Second Battle of the Marne, it was agreed that the American First Army should establish its headquarters in the Saint-Mihiel sector and prepare to free the Saint-Mihiel salient. St. Mihiel American Cemetery is located on Route de Verdun, Thiaucourt. http://pics.travelnotes.org American American Cemetery Autumn Battle Of The Marne Burial Grounds Cemetery Cross Fallen Soldiers First World War France Grass Grass Graves Graveyard Green In Loving Memory Landmarks Memories Michel Guntern Place Of Burial Saint Mihiel Thiaucourt Beautifully Organized War Graves White
New Five Pound Notes. The Bank of England admitted that the new five pound notes contain animal fat, sparking something of an outrage among vociferous vegans and vegetarians on social media. According to a Bank of England reply to a tweet on 28th November, 2016 the new plastic fivers are made with a trace of tallow (Hi @Jools_Orca there is a trace of tallow in the polymer pallets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes); a substance derived from boiled carcasses of animals and used in the making of many candles and soaps. The main components in rendered animal fats can also be found in thousands of other everyday products, including lipstick, plastic bags, cycle tyres, crayons, and latex condoms. The Royal Mint released the polymer note, featuring a portrait of Winston Churchill, on 13th September, 2016. While serial number AA01 000001 was given to The Queen, some of the other early serial numbers have already been offered online for hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Other eBay auctions have closed with less than the face value being paid. Designed to be cleaner, safer, stronger and flexible the new £5 polymer note is the first of the Bank of England's currency notes not to be printed on paper. For all their flexibility, the new fivers do bend and it is advisable not to fold them, says Bank of England governor Mark Carney, as it could damage the plastic. There was also an uproar when Sir Winston Churchill was chosen to be featured on the rear (replacing 19th-century welfare reformer Elizabeth Fry, one of only two women to appear on British currency not including the Queen of England) which just goes to show that you can't please everyone. I actually like the note and the printed Winston quote: 'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat'. Polymer tenners are scheduled to be introduced in 2017, featuring Jane Austen (with the quote: 'I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading'); and plastic twenties could be in circulation by 2020. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Animal Fat Bank Notes Bank Of England Blue British Currency Enjoy The New Normal Five Pound Note Five Pound Notes Flexible London Money My Year My View New New Money Notes Plastic Polymer Portrait Queen's Head Royal Mint Tallow The Queen Winston Churchill £5
Pattaya Bar Girls. With the US Navy in town during Songkran, business was good for the Bar Girls in Pattaya, Thailand. Always Be Cozy ASIA Bar Bar Girls Chat Up Dating Group Of People Looking For A Date Men Michel Guntern Pattaya People Pick-up Snap a Stranger Social Gathering Socializing Songkran Street View Thailand Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics US Navy Young Women
Mahjong In Guangzhou Old People in Mao Suits Playing Mahjong in Guangzhou, China. Commonly played by four players, Mahjong originated in China during the Qing dynasty. The game is played with a set of 144 tiles, based on Chinese characters and symbols. Each player is given 13 tiles at the start, taking it in turns to draw and discard a fourteenth tile to try and make a winning hand of four melds (three identical tiles) and an eye (a pair of identical tiles). Of course, Mahjong is a little more complicated than that, but it was interesting to watch these Chinese players continue an age-old tradition; when on a photo walkabout in Guangzhou, China. Open-air games often attract a little crowd of onlookers, and the occasional foreign tourist posing as a travel photographer. What made this picture special for me was the captivating look on these old Chinese faces; and their clothing. These dark blue tunics were originally known as the Zhongshan suit, after Sun Yat-sen (also called Sun Zhongshan) helped revolutionise China and overthrow the the Qing (or Manchu) dynasty in the early 20th century. Sometimes called the 'father of modern China', Zhongshan is credited with giving the suit its symbolisms. The four pockets on the front represent the Four Virtues: politeness, justice, honesty, and a sense of shame. The five buttons on the front then represent the five branches of government in the constitution of the Republic of China. The three buttons on the cuff represent Sun's Three Principles of the People: nationalism, democracy, and people's livelihood. The 'blue look' was later made famous by Mao Zedong and the tunic subsequently became known as a 'Mao suit'. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ ASIA Authentic Blue Caps China Green Guangzhou Landscape Local Mahjong Mao Suits Maximum Closeness Michel Guntern Old Lady Old Men People People Watching Real People Riverside Let’s Go. Together. Table Games Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics
Hanoi Street Barber. Although many Western-style hair salons have opened their doors in Vietnam, it is still possible to cut corners on the streets of Hanoi; for a quick short back and sides, an ear-clean, and even a little eyebrow pluck. Just sit in an empty chair on the pavement (sidewalk), motion to what you need done with the excess growth on your head, then look in the mirror to watch the world pass by behind you. When I had my hair cut in Vietnam, I found the passers-by were actually looking at me. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ ASIA Authentic Barber Barber Shop Candid Dark Hair Hair Cut Haircut Hanoi Local Maximum Closeness Michel Guntern Mirror Pavement People Personal Real People Reflection Neighborhood Map Street Scene Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Vietnam
Drum horses are a traditional part of the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony on Horse Guards Parade; to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday, on the second Saturday in June. After the ceremony, those without tickets can catch a glimpse of the Household cavalry and Band of the Life Guards as they accompany The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family back down The Mall to Buckingham Palace. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Blurred Background British Ceremonial Snap A StrangerEngland Focus Focus On Foreground Life Guards London London Lifestyle Men Michel Guntern Official Birthday Period Costume Queen Elizabeth  Reflections Selective Focus The Mall Travel Travel Destinations Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Trooping The Colour Uniform
Dai Girl Cyclists in Xishuangbanna. White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. 'Six hours after we left Simao, the muddy Lancangjiang river appeared like a shadow at a lighted window. Another couple of bends and the curtains were flung wide open: Jinghong, the bare lady, lay there on her bed of green'. That's pretty much how I introduce the reader to Xishuangbanna, in Nomadic Gatherings. This area in the deep south of Yunan province, bordering Burma and Laos, is inhabited by a dozen of the minority tribes; namely the Dai, Han, Hanni, Bulang, Lagu, Wa, Yao, Jinuo, Zhuang, Yi, Hui, and Miao. Affected by the monsoon from the Indian Ocean, the region has a climate of high temperature and high rainfall and is mild throughout the year. There are no season distinctions; only wet and dry. The rich forest is said to be roamed by herds of wild elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceroses, tigers, and gibbons. I only had time for a stroll to Chuan Huan Park and the surrounding Dai minority villages. Chickens and pigs roamed freely around the bamboo fenced territories of the raised wooden cottages. The Dai are a colourful and friendly people and the region is celebrated for its annual water-splashing festival in April. I had a tourist meal of shredded pork, fried bananas, and sauteed rice at one of the minority guest house restaurants all for 7 Yuan (60p); and that included the Pi Jiu (beer). http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Authentic Bicycle Calm China Cycling CyclingUnites Cyclists Dai Minorities Enjoy The New Normal Fresh Hats Jinghong Local Michel Guntern People Real People Serene Togetherness Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics Tropical Neighborhood Map Let’s Go. Together.
Rovinj, Croatia. Enjoying Life Travel Photos Michel Guntern Rovinj Croatia Port Ships Travel Pics Travel Travel Photography Coastal Morning Stillness Neighborhood Map
Tower of London. Tower Of London London Travel Destinations No People History Blue Sky Golden Glow Architecture City Tower Historical Travel Photography Travelgram UNESCO World Heritage Site Clear Sky Outdoors Day My Year My View Neighborhood Map
Waiting For Business. Cycle rickshaw driver relaxes at the side of the road and puts his feet up with a book, while waiting for customers. It's tiring work cycling overweight passengers around in the Indian heat, so it's not uncommon to see a young man kick off his shoes and put his feet up. The cycle rickshaw was built in the 1880s and first became popular in Singapore. By the 1930s, cycle rickshaws outnumbered pulled rickshaws and would eventually spread to every south and east Asian country by 1950. Transport yourself to India with this picture on your wall. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ ASIA Authentic Bare Feet Bicycle Cycle Rickshaw Cyclo Feet Up India Indian If Trees Could Speak Lazy Local Local Transport Live For The Story Michel Guntern One Person Reading Let’s Go. Together. Relaxing Rickshaw Rider Transportation Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics
Navigating the Grand Canal of China in Suzhou. Although many tourists come to Suzhou to visit its numerous canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and intricately designed gardens, it's hard not to be equally impressed by the amount of traffic on the city's main waterway. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the world's longest canal, at some 1,776 kilometres long. From the Tang to Qing dynasties, the Grand Canal served as the main artery between northern and southern China and was essential for the transport of grain to Beijing. Starting at Beijing, sections of the canal pass through Tianjin and the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the city of Hangzhou; linking the Hai River, Yellow River, Huai River, Yangzi River, and Qiantang River on its way south. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the canal has been used primarily to transport vast amounts of bulk goods such as bricks, gravel, sand, diesel and coal. River Traffic in China. China has 110,000 kilometres of navigable waterways; more than any country in the world. The main navigable rivers are the Heilong Jiang; Yangtze River; Xiang River, a short branch of the Yangtze; Pearl River; Huangpu River; Lijiang River; and Xi Jiang. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ ASIA Boats Busy China Chinese Evening Light Golden Glow Grand Canal Landscape Format Michel Guntern River River Transport Suzhou Tourist Attractions Transportation Travel Travel Destinations Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics UNESCO World Heritage Site Water Waterfront Waterways Let’s Go. Together.
Outside the Russian Kremlin in Moscow. It is a sunny day in late winter. There is no longer snow on the ground but it is still very cold and spring feels a long way off. The lack of foliage on the trees allows us to see through to the golden onions of the Russian Kremlin Churches - the Assumption and Annunciation Cathedrals (left) and Archangel's Cathedral (centre). The Ivan the Great Bell Tower - said to mark the exact centre of Moscow - is the tall golden dome on the right. In Russia, the word Kremlin implies a medieval, inner-city fortress. In earlier times it would have probably meant a fortified town, or town surrounded by a wall. There are therefore a number of kremlins in Russia; although when we talk about The Kremlin, we usually mean where the workings of power take place in the Russian capital, Moscow. As well as being the official working residence of the Russian President, the Moscow Kremlin also houses Russia's main museum. The outer red brick wall of the Moscow Kremlin was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries; replacing the earlier fire hazard, made of wood. The tower on the left is The Secret (Tainitskaya) Tower and to the left of that is The Grand Kremlin Palace. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Architecture Blue Sky Cathedrals  Fortress Ivan The Great Bell Tower Kremlin Kremlin Palace Late Winter Michel Guntern Moscow No Leaves No People Palace Red Brick Wall Russia Russian Russian Kremlin Street Scene Neighborhood MapThe Kremlin Tourist Attraction  Travel Travel Photography Travel Photos Travel Pics
Prince Charles as a young man playing Polo on Smith's Lawn in Windsor Great Park. The Prince of Wales became interested in polo as a child, watching his father, The Duke of Edinburgh, play at Windsor. His Royal Highness played in all four positions, but usually at No 4 (back). Although Polo was played in ancient Persia, the modern game of polo is said to come from India, where the game was probably known as Pulu. Two British soldiers in India helped set-up the Calcutta Polo Club, in 1862. Military officers then imported the game to Britain and the British are subsequently credited with spreading polo worldwide in the late 19th and early 20th century. http://pics.travelnotes.org/ Archival Blurred Background British Canter competition Country Life England Focus On Foreground Great Park Horseback Riding Horses London Lifestyle People Polo Polo Mallets Prince Charles Prince Of Wales Real People Royal Family Royalty Sport Sports Helmet Sportsmen White Horse Windsor Great Park
The British Cemetery and Pozieres Memorial is located on the D929 Albert-Bapaume road, just south of the village of Pozieres; and 6km north-east of Albert. The Pozieres Memorial's 97 panels contain the names of 14,655 UK and 300 South African missing soldiers who presumably lost their lives on the Somme battlefields between March 21st and August, 7th, 1918. The Pozieres British Cemetery contains over 2,700 marked graves within the boundary wall of the Pozieres Memorial. http://pics.travelnotes.org Albert Bapaume Battle Of The Somme Blue Sky British Cemetery Calm Commonwealth Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cross Europe France Gravestones Green Grass Memorial Michel Guntern Missing Soldiers No People Pozieres Pozieres British Cemetery Roses Serenity Somme Battlefields Travel War Graves White Stone