Tonya Ferguson


❤ my job
Belt, the beautiful sloth ?❤
Good morning :-)
Wait....lemme take a selfie ;)
I forgot to post this when I finished, so, here it is. Christian's Lion is complete. It's not perfect but damn it I am proud of it! It was a lot of drawing, sweat, and pain! Lol DetroitLions Lions Detroitlionsnfl OnePride
All I have to do now is add the fine detail but Christian's room is otherwise finished. DetroitLions Lions @detroitlionsnfl Megatron OnePride
Sweet cardinal ♡ Wildlife
Pretty dove Wildlife
She stares at me because she's hungry.....Lol Fatcat
My selfie before the concert last night 3doorsdown
Oh yea
Me and my babies <3
I love this <3 Buschgardens Lovemykids Funtimes
On Christmas Eve this sweet boy was brought into my work by animal control. He had been hit by a car. He had a broken pelvis and his right eye was all bloody and bulging out. I immediately fell in love with my Christmas angel and knew I had to have him. Today, over two months later, I finally brought my snuggle bug, Leo, home :-)
She was sedated........obviously
Wildlife Baldeagle
Do you know what this is? :D :D :D
Everyone meet Leo <3
<3 Wildlife
Oh I love this lil screech owl. He was relaxing on me :) Wildlife
Me and the great horned owl :-)
You can't tell in this picture but she is PISSED off :-) Fatcat  Animallover Cathateslife
Isn't he precious?
I <3 him Africangrey
I <3 him Wildlife
If you look real close you can see he is trying to fly away Wildlife
<3 piper <3 Fatcat
The flowers I took to my boy Favian's grave. R.I.P. my friend <3 Roses Rose🌹 Flowers
Flowers Rose🌹 Roses
This was AMAZING Michaelangelo
Roxie & Mowgli <3
Chunk got a new shirt!
I WANT him!!!!