Martijn Wit


I am trying to capture the little things as they are often overlooked.
Time for a Jazz
Dutch rooftops
A Hornbeam in
A hornbeam in
Two buttercups
A close up of a
A couple of
A couple of
A very tastfull
An autumn leave
A buttercup in
An overgrown
The skull of a
The Skull of a
Five cockatoos
Sydney CBD
A Cricket in
The Seagull and
Silhouette of a
A gull
Farmers @ work
A vintage
Seagulls flying
Seagulls flying
When you’re not
Dragonfly on a
A beautiful Red
A sixty year
The sunlit soil
A truly white
A boy on the
An urban sunset
The horizon on
The setting sun
When one
Wet tiles on
Red autumn
A spider is
A foamy wave
A brown reddish
A ladybug
A seagull on
The headstock
A Les Paul
A vintage Banjo
The lawn and
Dutch Skies,
Only the strong
A young
It is the
A Monstera in
A frightened
A happy cheese
Dewdrops are
A Monstera leaf

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