Tigs Knowles


I am an aspiring photographer with a passion for landscapes and macro photography.
I managed to get a picture of one of the red arrows in line with the fence in front of me - speed and accuracy were key! Planes Redarrows Bournemouth
This photo I took of the Whitsunday Islands shows the gorgeous patterns that change daily due to the disrupted sand underneath the sea. Whitsunday Islands Whitsundays Australia Beach
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I managed to capture the different colours of the sunset over the sandunes on Fraser Island in Australia. Australia Fraser Island Sand Dune Sand
This photo took me around 100 shots before I got the perfect one. It was taken in Les Gets in France, in the mountains. Waterfall France France Photos LesGets
I took this photo along with a few others of the red arrows performing at bournemouth airshow two years ago. First Eyeem Photo Redarrows Bournemouth Airshow Airshowphotography