jack jack


kik: tockitytock Loving my lovely jack jack (hes a bird so chill :P) 17 years old! My jack jack means everything to me :D
My beautiful jackie passed away last month. Im pretty sad that i lost her but shes in Birdie Heaven Ilovemybird Rip
Tea Lipton Greentea
Studying Sat with some Yummy Cake . SATStudent
Dinner Yum
So jack yurned out to be jackie! My Cute Bird🐥 turned out to be a female and laid a few eggs. Vsnt wait till My Birdie to be a Momma Bird
I havent posted in ages but heres my Kitty and shes 7 months old in a few daysd
Sleepy Kitty
pepper in the morning Kitty
my Cat Kitty pepper :D
my Bird sitting on my finger! Cute Bird
my Birdies all puffed up and Cuddly
Wisdom Love Courage Strength
Beautiful ring from my beautiful sister
chilling all comfy in my hand :D
eating some green cherry :$ cutie
Sleepy Kitty Cute Kitten Kittens Cuddlin Kittens
awww Sleepy Kitty
I held the Kittens for the last time and then put them outside so the mom Cat would take them! ill miss this Cute Kitten
look at how the momma cat was looking at me
look at this Kitten ! I just wanna keep it !
I found them in my Garden ! Tiny And Adorable Cuddlin Kittens Cute Kittens
look at this Chocolate Cupcake ! it's so Yummy
look how cute jack jack is playing with my box :$ Cute Bird Love Him Bird
a few minutes ago! Beautiful Sky Clouds And Sky
yesterdays Sky at like 6 am
dads random gift to mom
thats how popcorn was before she fell asleep
Rosé Filterless Raindrops
Rosé Raindrops Beautiful Filterless
Rosé Raindrops Beautiful
guilty pleasure! hate the calories