whatsup buttercup
Puppy love
My love 😁
Never been happier ❤️
care free ✌🏽️
my love
Hahaha I'm afraid of heights
Love being home
Squad reunited
Beer & football aka heaven sent combo
reunited with my Oregon love
gonna miss my pups (eyeem only type of pic)
favorite place on earth
When me and Becca try to be cute ... Haha
best friend
Hapa Girl
fro-yo on the beach
50 shades of blue
missed her
When in North Shore
pretty days in OR
Train Rides with John Green
When your BF is your BFF
Kisses for the down bird hehe
Every king needs a queen. Palu Prince and Palu Princess lmao
I need the beach like... NOW
Trap house
Take me back !!!!
Love adventuring this earth with this guy Paradise
Chella 2015
Reunited with Nalani in LA
Hawaii takes coachella
Meow meow meow
SOJA bruh
When your lil sis makes u look like the lil sis...
Christopher Robin and Piglet
Not a Sandy's sunrise but it will do for now...
I love nuuanu
Had no clue he was coming home
sakura 🌸🌸🌸
I ate my willpower
I was on a walk today when I randomly noticed this fortune on the ground: "things are not always what they seem, it's not that bad!"
13 years ago today Taja was diagnosed with cancer, I am so blessed to have her.. My inspiration, love you Taja
Oregon isn't all that bad
train rides
Always so depressed when I have to say goodbye to you... Stay with me forever?
throwback to his long hair days, I miss my goofball
Gonna miss waking up to this guy and having him make me breakfast every morning ): best 3 day weekend ever
Lover boy
Taleon palu princess
How many fucks given ? NUN.
Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3