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Omw to the gig
Coolin friday or w/e
Follow me on the Gram tho. Ill followback
Me and my Fat Nigga
Must have....
Hanging Out
Me and my nigga jas
Tacky day or w/e lhh
My birthday i was high af. I had ahell of a time tho w/ my fam n niggas
#Tbt I love this pic man.
I still remember the night that had me smilin like that lhh
#tbt w/ shannon
Hanging Out
Enjoying Life
I dk why i bought these shoes now
Awhile ago
Im w/ it
My baby
Blahhhhh nigga
Chillin w/ my brother
My squad
She would have to be my fav. Outta all the girls my cousin done dated
S/o to my nigga @notorious_cuh he cool as shit and funny af so FOLLOW that nigga ASAP
Jus a yungin
Boring Class
Hanging Out
Boring Class
Hanging Out
Out Of Control
Took the clip out so i wouldn't shoot myself lol but eh
It aint mines but eh get the job done
..... Omg ik the feeling
Some months ago but eh!!
We was slouched b
B4 i went out or w/e
I should probably slow down huh? Owell *shrugs
The addiction to this song is real 316 plays smh
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Over my grandma house or w/e
Me and Veronica some months ago...good times
That's Me
Taking Photos
Ahhhhhh hold my dick