Thomas Bregulla


me. curious. photography.
at gallery Priska Pasquer
table and stripes
one of the last views from this location. preparing to move offices to another location. on the other side of the river.
yesterday morning.
christmas nearly over, time to think about Easter. (illustration)
I will consider each of my pictures in instagram as payment to a non-free, world-wide distributing network. With me being the product and producer at the same time. With everybody happily continuing the service, I'll stop talking about it, too. ...and wil
returned from Athens. Tired like a dog and can't sleep. Usual adaptations. :) glad to be back home.
the different stages of roller-coaster passengers. die unterschiedlichen stufen der achterbahn fahrer.
easter preparations in Aachen.
home, sweet home.
Good morning from Athens
I like slow mornings. woke up at 7:30, listened to a mix tape my younger son created, read, saw, had breakfast. Now ready for the day. My sons spend the first half of xmas with their mother, the second half with me. This gives me time to slow down, centre
inhouse antenna. not sure, if normal 3G-UMTS/phone or WiFi.
Flying Home
public art project
Tram-driving dog
Good Morning!
last view from the office in 2012. was a challenging and joyful year with some wonderful highlights.