Christina Joy


Photographer, eclectic soul, free spirit
Ninja turtles son Yourface DOPE Thuglife Teenagemutantninjaturtles
Meow! It is an fing unicorn :3 Yourface Meow Unicorn Thuglife
Bad ass ariel Yourface Princess Disney Art
Color explosion abstract monter Rawr Abstract Art Yourface
Drew upon this shirt Unicorn Abstract Art DOPE
All of these lights RAD Abstract Thuglife DOPE
Take me away RAD Beauty Adventure Thuglife
Drew Hennah art <3 RAD Beauty Art Eclectic
Night at the lake RAD Adventure Escape Beauty
Take my mind to a beautiful world RAD Beauty Adventure Escape
Don't let negativity drag you down Abstract Art Inspiration RAD
Emotions abstract, what do ypu think? Art RAD Eclectic Abstract
The great escape Adventure Escape Nature RAD
Caged beauty RAD Flor Beauty Nature
Tell me your interpretation RAD Art Eclectic Abstract
Missmatch socks! Whad it doooo Eclectic Wild Weird RAD
Todays a new day Floral Wildflowers Freedom Beauty
Beauty and the beast night<3 RAD Disney Thuglife Nerd
The caged bird sings of freedom RAD Fly Art Abstract
Rawrrrr! Dino sprinkles!! RAD Thuglife Noms Rawr
Let your inner child free to create beauty Disney Art Thuglife RAD
Busting out the kid tutu! RAD Hip Fly Fashion
splater painted rad teeshirt DIY RAD Hip Fly
Omnomnom bookstore nerd ice chai tea latte <3 whats your fav. Reading drink?
Inspiration board <3
cool kids color with crayola
Compartmentalized thought art
You dont choose the thug life, the thig life chooses you
Shooting the glock!
Watercolor expression
Art thuglife, trapt watercolor and inspiration board collage
Embrace the beautiful uniqness of who you are.
Nylon magazine collage and bullet shells, yhe thug life is real
BA gun!!!!
About to make a flowee crown
Hiding truth behind beauty abstract
Lana del wonderful eye watercolor
Thug life
There is beauty to be found