Married mother of 2 boys. School teacher. Finding the beauty in the world.
Skate back in time Ice Skate Low Section Men Standing Human Leg Shoe Directly Above High Angle View Women Jeans Personal Perspective Footwear Things That Go Together Human Feet Shoelace Denim Pair Canvas Shoe
Tree Astronomy Sunset Star - Space Field Sunlight Sky Grass Landscape Cloud - Sky Farmland Dramatic Sky Storm Cloud
Snow Ice Lights Water Illuminated Tree City Sand Reflection Sky Frozen Lake
That's a lot of money!! Stack Book Cover Hardcover Book Literature Publication Bookstore Library
Homemade pizza Cheese Pizza🍕 Dinner Table Close-up Food And Drink Pizza Pizza Box Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Sauce Basil Mozzarella
Snow Monochromatic Photography Themes Backgrounds Insect Spider Drone  Wireless Technology Animal Themes Close-up Arachnid Jumping Spider
Stop & watch the sunrise Sunrise Tree Sunset Sky Architecture Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Built Structure Dramatic Sky Residential Structure
Christmas traditions Child Portrait Friendship Smiling Childhood Togetherness Happiness Cheerful Boys Looking At Camera Sibling Brother Christmas Lights Christmas Christmas Market Christmas Present Christmas Decoration Christmas Ornament Family With Two Children
Whiteout conditions Whiteout Conditions Red Heart Shape Looking Through Window Valentine Day - Holiday I Love You Window Sill Valentine's Day - Holiday
Friendship Portrait Smiling Togetherness Looking At Camera Cheerful Happiness Men Organized Group Photo Residential Structure Brick Wall
Spaghetti Squash Yellow Food Egg Yolk Black Background Yellow Food Staple Close-up Food And Drink Prepared Food
Date night Portrait Smiling Looking At Camera Happiness Friendship Men Car Land Vehicle Car Interior Cheerful Seat Belt Passenger Seat Vehicle Interior Road Trip Car Point Of View Vehicle Seat
Full Length Childhood Sitting Lying Down Relaxation barefoot High Angle View Sleeping Rug Child Carpet Carpet - Decor At Home Sole Of Foot Feet Toe Human Toe
Ski Lift Skiing Full Length Standing Men Togetherness Sky Building Exterior Architecture Sports Ramp
Sun Tree Snow Winter Cold Temperature Road Car Sky Car Point Of View Windshield Bare Tree Road Trip Branch Country Road Treelined Dashboard Lone Car Interior
My horse! 😉🤣😂 Warm Clothing Pets Portrait Friendship Dog Winter Smiling Looking At Camera Bonding Happiness German Shepherd Knit Hat Posing Pet Owner Purebred Dog Winter Coat Hazel Eyes  Snow Covered
Astronomy Tree Moon Star - Space Sky Space And Astronomy Astrology Galaxy Moonlight Nebula Moon Surface Constellation
Water Sunset UnderSea Window Sun Close-up Sky Droplet Frosted Glass Glass
Sunset Tree Rural Scene Farmhouse Agriculture Barn Dawn Mountain Field Fog House
New specs Child Portrait Eyeglasses  Childhood Looking At Camera Headshot Smiling Blond Hair Front View Close-up Eyeball Children Innocence Caucasian Kid
Portrait Smiling Looking At Camera Happiness Beautiful Woman Domestic Room Beauty Women Young Women Long Hair One Mid Adult Woman Only Mid Adult Women Only Mid Adult Women
Mantle Lights And Shadows Garlands Architecture Sky Built Structure Residential Structure
Tree Pet Portraits Christmas Lights christmas tree Christmastime Pets Dog German Shepherd Pet Collar Christmas Ornament Christmas Christmas Present Christmas Decoration
Where did my kids go? Shepherd German Shepherd Dog Pet Portraits Window View Low Section Close-up Domesticated Animal Tag Canine
Christmas Eve vibes Presents Tree Christmas Decoration Illuminated Christmas Lights Christmas Hanging Holiday - Event Christmas Ornament Celebration christmas tree Tree Topper Spirituality Religion Christianity
Rainbow Water Sea Reflection Sunset Sky Cloud - Sky Storm Cloud Cumulonimbus Torrential Rain Dramatic Sky Meteorology Atmospheric Mood Thunderstorm Storm Overcast
Paper Airplane Paper Multi Colored Table Palette Creativity Close-up Art And Craft Equipment
Like father, like son Sitting Father & Son City Sitting Men Couple - Relationship Relationship Difficulties
Caterpillar Monarch Caterpillar Tiny Human Hand Close-up Money Coin
Togetherness Men Sitting Music Bonding Love Passenger Seat Seat Belt Vehicle Seat Back Seat Vehicle Interior
Up, up and away! Tree Multi Colored Blue Balloon Helium Balloon Sky Cloud - Sky Helium Bunch Bundle
Foggy morning vibes Coffee Foggy Morning Grass Low Section Pets Dog Human Hand High Angle View Grass Footwear Human Foot Shoe Human Leg Legs Crossed At Ankle Personal Perspective Sandal
Beach Sand Yellow Sky Slide - Play Equipment Outdoor Play Equipment Playground
Plant Teacherslife School Work Paper Table Knowledge Blooming Plant Life
Water Wet Tree Sky Monsoon Rainy Season Torrential Rain Weather Rainfall Drop Rain Droplet Water Drop
Multi Colored Illuminated Red Arts Culture And Entertainment Black Background Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Color Gradient Abstract
Child Smiling Portrait Childhood Stuffed Toy Representing Teddy Bear Friendship Looking At Camera Happiness Toy Animal
Where are we going? Communication Text Choice Close-up Various Variety Collection Retail Display Display
Sharks in the Delaware! Tree UnderSea Water Swimming Bird Whale Humpback Whale Sea Life Aquatic Mammal Hippopotamus Shark Animal Fin Underwater Calm
Young Women Portrait Smiling Men Togetherness Friendship Cheerful Happiness Women Couple - Relationship Hiker Dating Romance Romantic Activity Hiking Mid Adult Couple
Mountain Road Storm Cloud Road Trip Winding Road Highway Road Marking Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Yellow Line Empty Road Diminishing Perspective The Way Forward Treelined Car Point Of View Double Yellow Line Dividing Line Country Road White Line vanishing point Two Lane Highway Mountain Road Asphalt
Laptop Masters Degree Coffee Mug Close-up Using Laptop Working At Home Blogging E-mail Surfing The Net Freelance Work Online Shopping  Typing Telecommuting Keyboard
Full Length Sitting Child Childhood Togetherness Girls Females Happiness Casual Clothing Low Section Human Foot Personal Perspective Feet Human Feet Armchair Human Leg Shoe Sole Of Foot
Tree Sunlight Flower Sky Shining Streaming Sun Sunrise Sunset Residential Structure Building Gate Sunbeam Lens Flare
Portrait Smiling Men Togetherness Tree Eyeglasses  Bonding Happiness Couple - Relationship Looking At Camera Husband Married Wedding Ceremony Wife Mature Couple
Tree Road Blue Road Sign Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Mountain Road Double Yellow Line Treelined Parallel Car Point Of View Country Road vanishing point Diminishing Perspective Pathway
Flower Flower Head Leaf Insect Nature Reserve Animal Themes Close-up Plant Green Color Flowering Plant Plant Part In Bloom Blossom Plant Life Tiny Botany
Tree Portrait Smiling Happiness Child Women Looking At Camera Front View Meadow Summer Countryside
Tree Multi Colored Sunset Red Silhouette Dramatic Sky Yellow Orange Color Sky Landscape Romantic Sky Sky Only Heaven Cumulonimbus Cumulus Cloud Stratosphere Wispy Cumulus Majestic Atmospheric Mood Meteorology Cloudscape Moody Sky
Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Green Color Plant Animal Antenna Butterfly - Insect Pollination Crawling Animal Markings Caterpillar Invertebrate
Chocolate Child Portrait Boys Looking At Camera Childhood Front View Close-up
Laptop Eyeglasses  Pets Dog Pet Bed Domestic Animals Mammal
Men Sitting Barbecue Heat - Temperature Burning Women Smoking - Activity Smoke - Physical Structure Young Women Full Length Fire Pit Campfire Heat Smoke Firewood Camping Stove
River Water Tree Mountain Galaxy Sky Cloud - Sky
Young Women Portrait Headshot Beautiful Woman Looking At Camera Front View Smiling Beauty Human Face Water Chainlink Fence Chainlink Freckle Human Lips Pretty Protruding Fence Head And Shoulders Wet Hair
Tree Sunset Silhouette Field Sunlight Sky Grass Landscape Shining Streaming Sunbeam Calm Tranquil Scene Farmland Atmospheric Mood Sun Dramatic Sky Sunrise Orange Color
Pets Dog Shadow Sunlight Focus On Shadow German Shepherd
Flower Water Flower Head Red Lake Uncultivated Close-up Plant Sky In Bloom Botany Petal Pollen Bud Blooming Plant Life Wildflower Blossom
German Shepherd Pets Dog Field Grass Green Color Sticking Out Tongue Animal Tongue Animal Mouth Pet Collar Animal Teeth Panting
Flashlight Homework Human Hand Paper Full Length Red School Supplies Pencil Eraser Sketch Pad
Laundry Laundry Day Table Various Collection Variety Laundromat Choice
High Angle View Close-up Grass Rotting Deterioration Grass Area Human Representation Anthropomorphic Face
Pets Dog Domestic Cat High Angle View At Home
Sunset Storm Cloud City Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky Architecture Overcast Atmospheric Mood Cumulonimbus Cumulus Meteorology Weather Moody Sky
Monarch Butterfly Monarch Caterpillar Human Hand Insect Leaf Colony Close-up Caterpillar Crawling Butterfly - Insect
Childhood Togetherness Boys Child Happiness Bonding Smiling Son Portrait Father Seat Belt Passenger Seat Car Interior Vehicle Seat Land Vehicle Sibling Car Point Of View Back Seat Vehicle Interior
Diffuser Night Lights Essential Oils Tree Christmas Decoration Christmas Celebration Celebration Event Close-up
Tree Sunset Silhouette Astronomy Dramatic Sky Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Romantic Sky Atmospheric Mood Atmosphere Meteorology Cumulonimbus Cumulus Cloud Heaven Atmospheric Cumulus Moody Sky Space And Astronomy
Tree Blue Sky Sky Only Cumulus Dramatic Sky Tranquil Scene Tranquility Calm Atmospheric Mood Treetop Scenics Meteorology Silhouette Cloudscape
Bird Flying Silhouette Motion Sky Architecture Building Exterior Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Romantic Sky Cloud - Sky Atmosphere
Cat Flower Portrait Multi Colored Headshot Mid Adult Close-up
Water Oar Kayak Togetherness Child Smiling Teamwork Sitting Boys Women Paddling Life Jacket Family With Two Children Son Father Single Father Single Parent Brother
Tree Astronomy Sunset Star - Space Field Sunlight Sky Grass Landscape Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Shining Farmland Sunbeam Sun Sunrise Forked Lightning
Astronomy Tree Mountain Storm Cloud Star - Space Road Milky Way Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky
Rock Rock Painting Ghost EyeEm Selects Human Hand Holding Close-up Food And Drink Personal Perspective Low Section
leaf project Orange Color White Background Leaf Vein Leaf 🍂 EyeEm Selects Close-up
2 leaf clover EyeEm Selects Human Hand Holding Women Close-up Petal Fragility Blooming Flower Head
Baby bass Bass Fishing EyeEm Selects Human Hand Portrait Child Smiling Boys Childhood Looking At Camera Happiness Front View Males
Now that's a frog! Dog Pets Wildlife & Nature Frog EyeEm Selects Child Portrait Childhood Smiling Boys Looking At Camera Fun Sky Cloud - Sky Overcast Children Trophy Posing
Birch Leaf Leaf EyeEm Selects Studio Shot Food And Drink Leaf Vein Leaves Fallen Stem Fall Plant Life Fallen Leaf
Flower Head Flower Pink Color Petal Close-up Plant Hibiscus Stamen Passion Flower Pistil Blossom Single Flower Magenta In Bloom Focus Blooming Pollen
That's a big hamster wheel EyeEm Selects Friendship Water Child Water Slide Childhood Togetherness Boys Males  Smiling Playing Inflatable Ring Inflatable  Pool Party Raft Float Outdoor Play Equipment Sibling Sister Brother Beach Party
EyeEm Selects Insect Close-up Animal Themes Grasshopper Animal Leg Animal Antenna Arthropod Invertebrate
Fish Fishing EyeEm Selects Child Childhood Smiling Portrait Happiness Pets Holding Human Hand Front View Sky
EyeEm Selects Water Child Sitting Boys Lake Childhood Full Length Side View Relaxation Males
Insect Photography Bugslife Cicadas EyeEm Selects Human Hand Holding Insect Close-up Personal Perspective Fingernail
Goggle too tight?!
Mold VCR Tapes EyeEm Selects Human Hand Paper Currency Close-up
Rock - Object EyeEm Selects Human Hand Nail Polish City Hand Close-up Ring Human Finger Rock Formation
Tree frog Tree Frog EyeEm Selects Human Hand Palm Close-up Fingernail Human Finger Thumb Index Finger
Ant Insect Photography Pests EyeEm Selects Drink Coffee - Drink Close-up Food And Drink
School starts soon EyeEm Selects Business Finance And Industry Architecture Clock Face Clock Hand Minute Hand Instrument Of Time Clock Second Hand Hour Hand Wall Clock Colorful Closed Door Number 12 Countdown
Catapulting over the crater EyeEm Selects Sportsman Men Shirtless Tree Sand Politics And Government Water Athlete Sky Swimming Trunks Beach Volleyball Volleyball - Sport Sprinting
Indian Pipes EyeEm Selects Child Portrait Smiling Childhood Males  Happiness Boys Blond Hair Looking At Camera Cheerful Personal Perspective
Ruff Life Pet Animal Dog Relaxing German Shepherd EyeEm Selects Low Section Human Leg Sock Sofa Home Interior Relaxation Stuffed Toy Close-up Couch Canine Cushion Pet Collar
Sunset Agriculture Sunlight Oil Pump Sky Architecture Landscape Shining Sun Sunbeam Calm Dramatic Sky Farm Lens Flare Farmland
EyeEm Selects Childhood Males  Boat Rippled Lakeside Waterfront Floating In Water Moored Calm
EyeEm Selects Human Hand Water Lake Pier Wood - Material Close-up Dragonfly Animal Wing Butterfly - Insect Animal Antenna Animal Markings Flapping Insect
EyeEm Selects Human Hand Reptile Insect Close-up Dragonfly Animal Wing Perching Animal Antenna Damselfly Butterfly - Insect
Berries Leaf Prickly Pear Cactus Spider Web Insect Close-up Animal Themes Plant Green Color Spiked