Matt Vachon


World traveler and aspiring photojournalist
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossoms
A hard day at
Keep on down
A parade goer
Biwa Waterfall
Watching the
A smiling woman
A sunflower
A sunflower
People out in
A ceremonial
A spice
Three women in
A fish tank at
Cherry blossoms
Fish in a
A silhouette of
A rainy day in
A mossy railing
Found this dog
A woman out
A selective
The little girl
A fashionable
An old
A view of Mount
A stone
A black and
A monkey in a
A boat on the
A panda bandit
A man smoking
Paper lanterns
A warning about
A chozuya, or
An overhead
A trained
A bird enjoying
I captured this
A vintage
Sunset in
Sunset in
Three women
Young women
A palace
An entryway to
A recreation of
A vintage
Early morning
A vintage movie
A vintage cafe
A food stall in
A rainy night
Holding a small
A rainy,
Broken down
A cicada on a
The Ushiku
The Ushiku
A holy place at
Buddha statues
A wall of names
An entryway to
The top of
A pathway to
A water feature
A moss covered
Burning incense
A seated buddha
Views from the
The Tsuchiura
The Tsuchiura
A flowing
Sunset on the
Sunset over the
Sunset over the
A woman praying
A small cat
A stray cat on
A cat seated on
The Sea Candle
Painted sake
A Nio Guardian
A gateway in
A military
The entrance to
A memorial
A memorial
A military
A close-up of a
A military jet
A pair of