Siti Nurfatihah


" A girl in her 20s. Called herself a princess. Blocked others decisions for her. Believed in her own dreams. "
How I missed the beach I walked, the horizon that I passed Horizon Over Water Beach Beauty In Nature Canonphotography Cloud - Sky
Pet Portraits Domestic Cat Canonphotography Outdoors Close-up Hometown
The morning breeze of the beach. An escape for a short while. A life that missed. Beach Sand Cloud - Sky Vacations Nature Horizon Over Water Canonphotography Morning Scene Live For The Story Dreamscapes & Memories
The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Silhouette Sunset Outdoors Nature Hijab Mobilephotography Paddy Field
The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
My travel starter pack 😘 Bag Close-up Clothing Neat Hijab LiveYourLife Canonphotography Lifestyle Photography Simple Elegance Casualstyle Casualwear
" It's somehow peaceful looking up in the sky. " Sky Young Adult Mobilephotography Street LiveYourLife Hijab Evening Sky Peaceful
Candid shot always is the best. Outdoors Hijab Warm Clothing Street Forevergirlfriends Dreamscapes & Memories Mobilephotography LiveYourLife Hometown Sisterslove Girlfriendgoal
Finding New Frontiers Street Outdoors Malaysia Travellingtime Sweet Escape City
Because we missed each other so long, I keep staring at you. Saturdaydate Girlfriendgoal Dreamscapes & Memories Forevergirlfriends Mobilephotography Weddingday  Pink
LiveYourLife Mine One Person Young Adult Outdoors Bicycle Saturdaydate
Embrace Urban Life Outdoors Nature Hometown One Young Woman Only
One Person Dreamscapes & Memories Kedah IMyMeMine Laughter Myhomesweethome
Myhomesweethome Dreamscapes & Memories Kedah Evening Sky After Rain
Dreamscapes & Memories Life Is A Journey Home Is Where The Art Is Kedah Malaysia Myhomesweethome Crimsonred
Dreamscapes & Memories Paddy Field Greenery Evening Sky Kedah Malaysia
Home Is Where The Art Is Life Is A Journey Dreamscapes & Memories
" Let's keep holding onto each other." First Eyeem Photo