Dancer. Musician. Performer. Broadway bound. Doing it for my angel in heaven. Keep your head, heels, and standards high. Xoxoxo.
Living in the garden of evil.
We all just born to die.
Cheers to the teenage years..
Sick & still the baddest one out there
Shopping dayyy
Waiting for my mom to pick me up
Shoutout to us awkward girls..
Early morning...
I've missed her
My best friend & I are so productive during school...
Valentines Day...
Met my brother yesterday...☺
My boo boo. My best friend. My sister.
Made my boo boo breakfast
I ain't no hipstaaaa, but I can make your hips stirrrrrr
Being ratchet
Ooo...caught me slipping. Lolol.
The two things I love the most, the beach & dance.
Go-karting with my best fraaand!
I heard love was in the air, so I held my breath. TGIF.
Hi. My names is Cooper and I'm awkward.
Airport flow! Back to TX.
What I left my mom when I went to shower
Sunday brunch outfit!
Brunch with the company. Now time to pack!
My level of swag though.
He's perfection
My sister is so precious.
Joe Joeeee!
Cute toilet, right? It was 3 am & I was hyper ✋
After Dance